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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Government with a Concentration in Foreign Policy & International Relations

Online Government Degree Overview

On-Campus Degree Available

Today's politics are increasingly more global and less local. Nation-states are more interconnected and interdependent than at any other time in history. How nation-states relate to each other is a powerful factor in their development and success. As a result, understanding international politics is critical. The online bachelor's degree in international relations & foreign policy investigates the broad field of international and global politics while incorporating Regent’s distinctly Christian worldview in education.

Consideration in these government courses is given not only to theories of international relations and state behavior, but also to how states formulate their foreign policies based on assessments of their national interest, contemporary global problems and geopolitics. Our online international relations & foreign policy degree program will prepare you for postgraduate education or careers in international relations and foreign policy, humanitarian affairs and many others. Plus, our flexible online degree options allow you to complete your online degree in international relations & foreign policy from anywhere in the world.

Career Opportunities:

  • International Relations
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Journalism
  • Advocacy
  • Humanitarian Organizations
Other Available Concentrations: American Government & Political Science | Pre-Law
Curriculum: View course requirements.
Length: 120 credit hours (includes 49 general education, 30 government core, 12 International Relations and Foreign Policy, 6 government electives, 23 additional electives)
Format: This degree is offered entirely online or on campus.
Results: Bachelor of Arts in Government with a concentration in International Relations and Foreign Policy
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Dr. Joshua McMullen, Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Government, History & Criminal Justice; phone: 757.352.4776; email:

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