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English and Communication Arts Department

The Department of English & Communication Arts opens your world to an arena of possibilities – theatre, animation, marketing, business, journalism & digital media, teaching, law and other related fields. You will deepen your passions and discover your strengths as you grow in writing, language, and thinking both critically and creatively, all through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Our faculty members bring years of experience in teaching, writing, innovation and storytelling and are eager for your success.

You will learn the theory behind communication along with how to apply theory well in a dynamic environment. You may also choose to explore emerging technologies, the role of social media in communication, and how literature and the arts influence society today. One feature I think you may value most is that some of our programs may be customized to align with your specialized area of interest, such as biblical studies, creative writing, government, literature, or professional writing.

The world needs communicators prepared to advance with the highest level of knowledge, character and creativity. Join us in the Department of English & Communication Arts for inspiring study and projects you’ll be proud to add to your portfolio.

Micah Mattix, Ph.D.
Department Chair of English and Communication Arts

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English and Communication Arts Department Faculty



* - Department Chair