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Department of Business, Leadership, and Management

The combined majors within the Business, Leadership, and Management Department reflect the synergy of the modern organization. Today's organizations focus on meeting and exceeding customer requirements by managing people, knowledge and financial resources in a fast-paced environment where leaders seek to maximize productivity within constraints while delivering superior value to stakeholders.

The objectives of the Business, Leadership, and Management Department will be, to first support the student's development of a biblical worldview that integrates their faith and challenges them to live their values within this fluid context. Secondly, the design of the different programs within this department offers students the opportunity to gain the technical competence and subject-matter proficiency to help their organizations compete and succeed with excellence.

Students are instructed and nurtured by gifted faculty with strong industry and academic experience who are well-established in their various academic disciplines. Each program is uniquely designed to offer the students a rigorous combination of theoretical constructs and practical applications of knowledge, all the while encouraging the students to seek the highest good for their future organizations and its stakeholders through serving and leading out of a tender heart, representing Christ in all of their actions.

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Joseph J. Bucci, D.B.A.,
Department Chair