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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

On-Campus Degree Overview

Mathematical relationships are built into the fabric of the universe. Even to the casual observer, the mathematical patterns in nature are obvious. It is not surprising, then, that deep thought has been given to numbers, natural patterns, and symbols as representations of reality, for several thousands of years, in the course of human civilization.

The committed Christian therefore will recognize that mathematics is both a measure of God's work in His creation, and a means for us to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of that creation. The study of mathematics is at once a way to explore and disclose God's work, and to bring Him glory.

It is our joy and duty to understand mathematics in the context of our Christian faith. Mathematics is one of the languages of the physical universe, a type of spoken word expressing the Wisdom of God. The Psalmist said "day to day the heavens pour forth speech," and nature reveals its mathematical secrets.

A second responsibility concerning mathematics is to prepare for making contributions to a world increasingly wrought with mathematically-based connections. Science and technology are deeply imprinted with mathematical structure. All domains of modern society are infused with mathematical features. To prepare for service in the world today, Christians choosing mathematical training will be ably equipped.

With service to God's glory in mind, our mathematics major covers the principal fields of mathematics, preparing graduates for multiple opportunities. A solid foundation in mathematics is our goal, providing a basis for various future avenues of service. Across the major fields of mathematics, the objective is that students gain an understanding of and an appreciation for both theory and applications.

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