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Bachelor of Arts in English with a Concentration in Hispanic Studies

As an undergraduate English major pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Hispanic Studies, you will enrich your study of English literature with courses in Spanish language and Hispanic history, culture and literature. Our bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies will allow you to explore the art and culture of Latin America.

If you are unable to study on campus in our Hispanic Studies degree program in Virginia, you may opt to complete the degree online. Both programs will provide you with foundational knowledge and Christian principles to pursue graduate school or careers in literature, education or Hispanic cultural studies. As you progress through the bilingual Spanish degree program, you may want to consider applying to live in La Casa de Español, our Spanish residential community that allows you to practice your new language skills and further explore Hispanic culture.

Career Opportunities:

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Teaching
  • Travel/Tourism
  • International Agencies
  • Humanitarian Organizations
Other Available Concentrations: Biblical Studies | Communication | Creative Writing | French | Government | History | Professional Writing | Secondary Education | Spanish
Curriculum: View course requirements.
Length: 120 credit hours (includes 49 general education, 36 English, 12 Hispanic Studies, 23 electives)
Format: This degree is offered entirely online or on campus.
Results: Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Hispanic Studies
Important Links: Apply Now | Tuition & Financial Aid | Department & Faculty
Contact: Dr. Susannah N. Clements, Associate Professor, Department Chair, Language & Literature; phone: 757.352.4646; email:

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