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Communication Degree Educational Goals

Students will be able to:

  • Develop and present a Christian worldview as applied to the field of communication and human relationships.
  • Analyze and practice good communication behavior--verbal and non-verbal, vocal and non-vocal.
  • Categorize and utilize varying levels of human communication from interpersonal (audience of one) communication to mass (audience of many) communication.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultures and differences among specific cultures, including consideration of the effect of culture on interpersonal communication, small group communication, and organizational communication.
  • Determine the acceptable message development to varying audiences using the selection of the appropriate medium.
  • Apply communication theory to a given communication situation.
  • Criticize - aesthetically, rhetorically, ethically--varying forms and content of human communication.
  • Describe and apply the concepts of creativity and innovation to the field of communication.

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