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Bachelor of Arts in Animation Degree

On-Campus Degree Overview:

Through Regent University’s animation degree program in Virginia, you will learn the art of animation in one of the most technologically advanced communication facilities on the East Coast. Using cutting-edge computer, animation software and design studios, you'll study character and graphic design, gestures, perspective and composition under award-winning, industry experts. Through a combination of training in both traditional and digital animation, you will develop the basic skills needed to perform the standard phases of animation: conceptualization, modeling and construction, texturing, animation, digital cinematography, and post production. Upon graduation, you will be equipped as a well-rounded artist ready to embark on a creative career path to become an animator. Study at our Christian university in Virginia Beach to gain a foundational education in art, design and technology—all taught from a biblical worldview.

Your animation education will be portfolio-based, allowing you to graduate with a professional "reel" to show to prospective employers.  In addition, you will learn the business of the animation industry, enabling you to better market your animation capabilities.

Career Opportunities:

  • Game Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Cartoonist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • 3D Modeler
Curriculum: View course requirements.
Length: 120 credit hours (includes 49 general education, 57 animation and 14 electives)
Format: This degree is only offered on campus.
Results: Bachelor of Arts in Animation
Important Links: Apply Now | Tuition & Financial Aid | Department & Faculty
Contact: Dr. Peter Fraser, Department Chair, Communication and the Arts, phone: 757.352.4562; email:

All students are required to have a laptop that is powerful enough to run Autodesk's Maya and their own copies of required software. See hardware requirements pdf and necessary software. pdf

Please Note: Some Theater, Animation, and Cinema Television classes may carry an additional fee of $70-200/course.

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