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Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Information Systems

On-Campus History Degree Overview

On-Campus Degree Available

Regent University’s Associate of Arts in Information Systems degree program offers a foundational level of learning in the Information Systems discipline and provides the opportunity for you to sample various important topics in the field. You will gain knowledge of computing, business and mathematics—all taught from a Christian worldview. You will also learn to analyze problems and define the computing requirements appropriate to develop solutions, leading to the delivery and management of information systems within a specific application environment.

Whether you choose to study on campus, or you select the online information systems associate degree program, you will study basic programming, database fundamentals, hardware and software components, and eCommerce. You will also learn to communicate effectively, in oral and written forms, with a range of audiences and function effectively on teams, assuming a variety of roles in teams of diverse membership to accomplish a common goal.

As a graduate of the program, you will be prepared to function in a supportive role in an entry-level position. More advanced careers in information systems require a bachelor’s degree, so students interested in developing a career in this field are encouraged to explore Regent’s bachelor's degree in information systems technology, one of the top IT and information systems programs in Virginia.

Career Opportunities:

  • Help-desk Representative
  • Information Technology Assistant
  • Information Technology Specialist
Curriculum: View course requirements.
Length: 64 credit hours (includes 49 general education, 15 Information Systems)
Format: This degree is offered entirely online or on campus.
Results: Associate of Arts in Information Systems
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Contact: Dr. Joseph Bucci, Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Business, Leadership and Information Systems: phone: 757-352-4553; email:

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