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Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Christian Studies

On-Campus Christian Studies Degree Overview

Online Degree Available

If you have an interest in ministry, biblical studies or just want to deepen your understanding of Christianity, the Associate of Arts in Christian Studies degree program at our Virginia Beach campus will introduce you to the key figures, places, events and themes of the Old Testament and New Testament. This program requires no previous theological training and will reward you with a greater appreciation of theology and its impact on the world around you.

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Christian Studies coursework will include studies of theology, missions, world religions and ministry and serves as a foundation for those who pursue a bachelor's degree in religious studies at Regent University. By earning the Associate of Arts in Christian Studies degree, you will be better prepared for roles in ministry, service organizations and other environments that benefit from solid Christian leadership.

This associate's degree is also available to distance learning students through our online associate's degree program.

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