A Message from the Dean

Dean, Michael V. Hernandez

You are bright, motivated, and interested in law, and you want to pursue an education that will prepare you to be an attorney with a passion for justice who will make a lasting impact on the world. So, why Regent Law?

Of the more than 200 fully accredited law schools in the United States, Regent Law offers a unique combination of a Christ-centered mission, a first-rate faculty and academic program, and high levels of student satisfaction.

Mission—Old and New, National and Global: Our mission is to place our students and graduates strategically around the world. Grounded in the best of the old and the new, we lay a foundation of first principles of law, the Western Legal and Common Law traditions, and American Constitutionalism, while equipping students with the contemporary knowledge base and skills necessary to thrive in any law-related discipline.

Scholars: Regent Law faculty members are experienced and highly credentialed with law degrees from schools such as Harvard, Chicago, Virginia, Duke, Georgetown, and, of course, Regent. Our distinguished faculty includes former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, Dr. Jay Sekulow. Other faculty members have taught at, among other schools, Harvard Law and William & Mary Law. While our faculty have extensive practice experience and have published several leading law treatises, what truly sets them apart is their commitment, as Christian legal scholars, to integrate faith thoroughly in and outside the classroom and mentor the next generation of lawyers.

Academic Quality: Regent Law's comprehensive and skills-intensive curriculum prepares students to enter the law field of their choice. A recent study* shows that Regent Law has done the best job of any law school in Virginia at increasing its graduates' likelihood of success on the Virginia bar exam. Additionally, Regent Law was named to the list of 2015 Best Law Schools for Bar Exam Prep and 2015 Best Law Schools for Practical Training by the National Jurist.

Our academic centers reflect the belief that education must be holistic and extends beyond the classroom.

  • The Center for Ethical Formation, which is at the forefront of the movement to train ethical attorneys, paired 114 students in 2014-15 with judge or attorney mentors.
  • The Center for Advocacy reflects our commitment to excellent, practical skills training, and the results are evident—our Moot Court program was ranked 5th in the nation in 2015-16.
  • The Center for Global Justice has placed more than 100 interns in the past five years with public interest law firms, government agencies, and non-profit legal organizations worldwide.

Furthermore, Regent Law's innovative and successful Honors Program has attracted highly credentialed applicants. The members of the first Honors Program graduating class had a 92.3% first time bar passage rate, with more than a quarter securing a judicial clerkship.

Student Satisfaction: Our talented student body is vibrant, motivated, welcoming, and highly satisfied with their Regent Law experience. Based on a survey of all American law students, the Princeton Review has ranked our faculty in the top 10 in the country for three consecutive years. Additionally, the most recent national Law School Survey of Student Engagement revealed that, for all variables surveyed, our students expressed satisfaction consistently significantly above—and often more than double—the national average.

Impactful Alumni: Regent Law includes an extensive network of accomplished alumni in the legal profession around the world, including judges, legislators, in-house counsel of major corporations, a Harvard Law lecturer, a William & Mary Law faculty member, the executive director of the American Center for Law & Justice, a senior adviser to a 2016 Presidential Campaign, an associate general counsel for the University of Virginia, and numerous JAG Officers. Our graduates are at the center of prominent litigation, including arguing successfully before the United States Supreme Court. Also, Regent Law recently ranked in the top 25% of law schools for graduates who obtained judicial clerkships.

I invite you to learn more about the Regent Law difference and contact us if you have any questions. If you are ready to be challenged, stretched, equipped, and sent out to impact the world, we welcome you to become a lifelong member of the Regent Law team.

Michael V. Hernandez, J.D.
Dean and Professor

* The National Jurist ranked Regent Law as one of the top 17% of law schools with graduates whose bar pass rates out-performed their incoming LSAT scores. PreLaw Magazine, NAT'L JURIST, Spr. 2015, Vol. 8, No. 4 at 40, 41.