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Trent Franks
U. S. Congressman

Congressman Trent Franks is someone who still believes that there is such a thing as the truth and that people and principles should be at the center of political discourse in America.

He has spent most of his life working on children’s issues and trying to build a better future for all children. As member of the Arizona House of Representatives, he served as Vice-Chairman of the House Commerce Committee and Chairman of the House Sub-Committee on Child Protection and Family Preservation. 

In January of 1987, Congressman Franks was appointed by the Governor to head the Arizona Governor's Office for Children, which is a Cabinet level division of the Governor's office responsible for overseeing and coordinating state policy and programs for Arizona's children.

Congressman Franks served four and a half years as the Executive Director of the Arizona Family Research Institute, a non-profit organization associated with Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family for the purpose of advocating public policy to protect children and families in Arizona. The Arizona Family Research Institute later became the Center for Arizona Policy.

Congressman Franks is past Chairman of the Children’s Hope Scholarship Foundation and a Republican Member of The United States Congress. He has served on the Budget Committee, the Small Business Committee, and now serves on the Armed services Committee and the Judiciary Committee, and is now Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee.

Congressman Franks is a member of the Republican Study Committee, the House Working Group on Judicial Accountability, House Working Group on Waste, Fraud and Abuse, the Congressional Hispanic Conference, the Liberty Caucus, the DUI Caucus, the Human Rights Caucus, the India Caucus, the Refugee Caucus, and the Education Freedom Caucus.


Steven Mosher
President of Population Research Institute

Steven W. Mosher Steven W. Mosher is an internationally recognized authority on China and population issues, as well as an acclaimed author, speaker. He has worked tirelessly since 1979 to fight coercive population control programs and has helped hundreds of thousands of women and families worldwide over the years.
In 1979, Steven was the first American social scientist to visit mainland China. He was invited there by the Chinese government, where he had access to government documents and actually witnessed women being forced to have abortions under the new "one-child policy." Mr. Mosher was a pro-choice atheist at the time, but witnessing these traumatic abortions led him to reconsider his convictions and to eventually become a practicing, pro-life Roman Catholic.

Steven has appeared numerous times before Congress as an expert in world population, China, and human rights abuses. He has also made TV appearances on Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, 20/20, FOX and CNN news, as well as being a regular guest on talk radio shows across the nation.
He is also the author of the best-selling A Mother's Ordeal: One Woman's Fight Against China's One-Child Policy. Other books include Hegemon: China's Plan to Dominate Asia and the World, China Attacks, China Misperceived: American Illusions and Chinese Reality, Journey to the Forbidden China, and Broken Earth: The Rural Chinese.

Articles by Steve have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, The New Republic, The Washington Post, National Review, Reason, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Freedom Review, Linacre Quarterly, Catholic World Report, Human Life Review, First Things, and numerous other publications.

Steven Mosher lives in Virginia with his wife, Vera, and their nine children.


David M. Smolin

David Smolin is the Harwell G. Davis Professor of Constitutional Law, and Director, Center for Children, Law, and Ethics, at Cumberland Law School, Samford University.   He has taught as an adjunct or visiting professor at Beeson Divinity School (Samford University), Regent University Law School, Handong International School of Law (in South Korea), and the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Most of his adoption-related articles are available at .   He is an Independent Expert on Intercountry Adoption for the Hague Conference on Private International Law.   He has presented on adoption throughout the United States and at the Korean Women’s Development Institute in Seoul, South Korea; the Second International Symposium on Korean Adoption Studies in Seoul, South Korea;  the Hague Special Commission on the Practical Operation of the Hague Adoption Convention; the State Supreme Court of Sao Paulo, Brazil; the International Adoption Summit in Stratford, Canada; the Federal-Provincial/Territory Conference on Intercountry Adoption in Ottawa, Canada; and the NALSAR University of Law, in Andhra Pradesh, India.    He also has published on a variety of other topics related to children and/or procreative issues, including the missing girls of China, children’s rights, child labor, abortion, children as research subjects, and assisted reproductive technologies.   He has been the primary author of amicus curiae briefs in major United States Supreme Court cases related to abortion, and has testified before the U.S Congress and state legislative committees in five states on abortion.   He also writes about theology and law, and is the author of a forthcoming spiritual autobiography.   He works together with his wife, Desiree Smolin, on analysis and reform of adoption systems and practices, and sometimes contributes to the adoption blog she co-founded:


Dr. Ana Aspras Steele

Dr. Ana Aspras Steele has directed government relations and the social justice movement for Dalit Freedom Network in the United States since 2006. In the 110th Session of Congress, she spearheaded the team efforts that resulted in the first legislation of the U.S. government to address the practice of untouchability perpetrated every day in Indian society against the Dalit people, House Concurrent Resolution 139, passed on July 24, 2007. In January 2009, Ana accepted the role of DFN’s Executive President. In November of 2009, the DFN Board of Directors appointed Ana as the President of Dalit Freedom Network USA.

Before advocating for Dalit justice and joining the staff of Dalit Freedom Network, Dr. Steele taught at Harvard University for 10 years, where she received several distinctions for excellence in teaching. For eight and a half years of her Harvard appointment, she taught foreign leaders, physicians, corporate executives, journalists, scholars, and researchers at Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, the Kennedy School of Government, and the Harvard Nieman Foundation of International Journalism. She holds a bachelor’s degree, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, in Russian and Chinese, two masters and a Ph.D. in Italian, and has studied Greek, Latin, and Spanish. In addition to teaching at Harvard University, Dr. Steele has taught at Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Loyola, Notre Dame, the Smithsonian, and the World Bank.

Ana also dedicated ten years of her career to international humanitarian and faith-based initiatives and directed, monitored, and assessed multiple global programs that tackled poverty in Peru and the slums of Nairobi, AIDS in Africa and the Bahamas, clean water in Mexico, early childhood education in Hungary, the orphan crisis in Romania and Uganda, the health needs of displaced Tibetans in China, and the trafficking of children and women in the Philippines. She has spoken at conferences and mass gatherings in India, England, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, China, South Africa, the Bahamas, Mexico, Croatia, and the United States.


Prakash Tyagi, M.D.

Dr. Prakash Tyagi is the Executive Director of GRAVIS ( and Founder-Director of GRAVIS Hospital. His academic studies include medicine, international public health, and geriatrics. He obtained an M.D. from the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute, studied International Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill on a Fulbright scholarship and pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (PGDGM) from Dr. S. N. Medical College in India. He has also been the recipient of a Ford Fellowship to study non-profit management at Columbia University in New York and has studied public policy through a Fleishman Fellowship at Tarry Sanford School of Duke University. He serves on the boards of various non-profits working on health aspects nationally and internationally. With his global health expertise, he has contributed to various international forums and has written extensively on major global health issues and priorities. Dr. Tyagi is an active development practitioner and public health professional and has contributed significantly in the fields of maternal and child health, geriatrics, HIV, TB and occupational health through his writing, research and field work.


Professor Lynne Marie Kohm, J.D.
Professor and John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law


Lynne Marie KohmLynne Marie Kohm (B.A. Albany, 1980, J.D. Syracuse, 1988) is the John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law at Regent University School of Law.  She has been licensed to practice law in NY, MA, VA, DC and FL, practiced law in a New York general practice firm for several years, and then joined the law faculty at Regent University in 1993.  She has also taught at William and Mary School of Law in 2000, Hertford College, Oxford University, and guest lectured at Cornell University.  Authoring numerous articles on reproductive technology, children, families, marriage, and women, her seminal work is Family Manifesto: What went wrong with the moral basis to the family and how to restore it (W.S.Hein Co. 2007). She teaches courses in family law, gender law, bioethics, human life & death, elder law, juvenile law, and child advocacy.  Her professional service includes the Virginia State Bar Family Law Section Board of Governors, the Virginia Bar Association Domestic Relations Council, the Chief Justice’s Task Force on the Family Court in Virginia, and the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect.  With her husband, she homeschooled their two children (who are now in college).