Moot Court 1L Competition

All first year law students of Regent Law are required to participate in the 1L Moot Court Competition. The Moot Court Board assists the Legal Research and Writing Department of Regent Law in coordinating this tournament.

The competition occurs in conjunction with the Legal Research and Writing Syllabus after first year students have completed writing their first appellate brief at the end of the spring semester. Contact Rachel Melton, Competition Director, for details at

1L Competition Champions

2020: Diamond Royster
2019: Christopher Mateer
2018: Nathan Hernandez
2017: Abby Wenger
2016: Alexxa Pritchett
2015: Noah DiPasquale
2014: Andrew Butler
2013: Leah Achor
2012: Joshua Smith
2011: Andrew Hull
2010: Jonathan Young
2009: Brandon Delfunt
2008: Chuck Slemp
2007: Mathew Grosseclose
2006: Cort Walker
2005: Josiah Corrigan
2004: Dean Scharnhorst
2003: Chris Collins
2002: Joshua Didlake