Cortland Bobczynski

Cortland Bobczynski, JD '15
B.A., University of California, San Diego
Hometown: San Diego, California

After law school, Cortland would like to work on First Amendment issues like Christian freedom of expression and religious liberty. "Becoming a lawyer means being an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. Jesus is the best advocate of all. He advocates on our behalf because He knows we cannot do it ourselves. I desire to be an advocate for others in the same way."

Cortland Bobczynski

Stockton Brown, JD '15
B.A., Asbury University
Hometown: Garysburg, North Carolina

"Becoming a lawyer means becoming an honest, courageous, and gracious advocate who seeks justice for those who cannot speak for themselves and lives a life grounded in relationship with God. My passion is to be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves."

Cortland Bobczynski

Marcus Wood, JD '15
B.A., Texas Tech University
Hometown: Andrews, Texas

"I think too much study of the law before going to bed is the number one cause for nightmares or insomnia. I leave my studying for the morning and spread it out over my day. The library is where I spend most of my time studying at my hand-picked study carrel."

Cortland Bobczynski

Brandon Wrobleski, JD '15
B.A., Liberty University
Hometown: Milton, Georgia

"In law school, everybody is as singularly driven as you are. There are no more classmates who roll out of bed and come to class in sweatpants. Everybody is as passionate as you are about learning, and it makes for a very conducive academic environment."

Cortland Bobczynski

Katherine David, JD '15
B.A., Virginia Tech
Hometown: Leesburg, Virginia

"I was most surprised by the encouraging and friendly environment that welcomed all of the first-year students into the community, including the upperclassmen and faculty. While law school is competitive in nature, at Regent you are going to meet people who truly care about your future as an attorney and those who will do everything within their power to help you on your path to success."

Cortland Bobczynski

Abbie Nordhagen, JD '15
B.A., Gonzaga University
Hometown: Butte, Montana

"I look forward to a life of continual learning. Lawyers are always interacting with new information and new people, gaining valuable insights. I want to use this knowledge to better others."

Cortland Bobczynski

Lindsey Brower, JD '15
B.A., Lee University
Hometown: Manassas, Virginia

"Being a lawyer means being a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. It is a very tangible way to live out Micah 6:8: 'And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.'"

Joel Ready, Two-year JD '15
B.A., Communications and Master of Divinity, Liberty University
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

In the future, Joel wants to do media work for churches, helping initiate a return to solid Christian doctrine through videos that can be integrated into church services. His small business, Ready Media, which specializes in photography and video production, is a platform for that dream. A law degree will equip Ready with the knowledge and skills to defend his business.

Sean Mitchell, JD '16
B.A., Old Dominion University
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Mitchell says that at Regent Law, his extensive professional experience has been supplemented by a lot more than legal knowledge. "Regent has made me spiritually strong where I was spiritually weak. I really appreciate the constant reminders of God’s love and authority. Professors and students will stop whatever they are doing and pray for me. I don’t know if that’s something you get anywhere else but Regent."

Elissa Polly, JD '15
B.A., University of Minnesota-Duluth
Hometown: Tamarack, Minnesota

"I like to think of my friends at Regent as a beautiful mosaic. Each come from differing backgrounds and have varying interests and unique talents, but we care deeply for one another. We encourage, support, and pray for one another regularly. On the days when law school is overwhelming, these friends have been there to offer a kind word or a reminder that we are going to make it!"

Josiah Lindstrom, JD '16
B.A., University of Minnesota
Raised in: Yemli Village, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

"I am pursuing a legal career as a transactional lawyer because helping people reach their goals makes everyone better off. Studying at Regent Law gives me the unique opportunity to network with like-minded peers who share my concern for social justice. Regent Law also provides the opportunity to pursue excellence in the law by studying under professors who understand my desire to find a vocation that completes me as an individual created in the image of God."

Lindsey Gilman, JD ‘17
B.A., Arizona State University
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

“After visiting during the Preview Event, I knew that Regent is where I am supposed to attend law school. Regent’s faculty, vision, general atmosphere, and picturesque landscape embody what I always believed a law school should encompass. I was given the privilege to speak with Dr. Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice over the phone when I was still unsure of where to attend law school. The phone call left me with no doubt that Regent’s principles align with my own.”

Mark Martinez, JD ‘17
B.A., University of North Texas
Hometown: Glen Rose, Texas

“I spent a few years working for a non-profit advocating for at-risk youth. I felt I was hardly making a dent in helping clients overcome systemic barriers, so I transitioned into “ministry.” However, I met a wise man along the way who challenged my limited understanding of ministry. He said, “Ministry is not what you do, like preach or plant a church, but it is who you are. Once you know who you are, everything you do is ministry.” This paradigm shift helped me realize that I have the greatest impact on society when I live out the role God created me for. Doing so has led me to law school.”

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