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Cross & Gavel is a comprehensive resource for Christian lawyers and law students who believe that faith is central to law practice and study. We understand that it is not always an easy task to faithfully walk out one's calling in the law, and we desire to provide information, highlight resources, locate training, and network people seeking to be faithful ministers of justice in the kingdom. Cross & Gavel is an ongoing project of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, a joint ministry of Regent University School of Law and the Christian Legal Society.

C&G Bibliography

The Cross & Gavel bibliography lists hundreds of books, articles, and book lists that are of interest to Christian lawyers and law students. Our unique annotated bibliography is designed as a searchable, interactive blog, organized by topic. Find a book or article, engage in a comment thread discussion, or find one of our lists of recommended sources.


Browse hundreds of links relating to the intersection of faith & law. Dig into the blogroll to find legal minds discussing the topics you're interested in, search the web magazines and print journals for interesting articles and opinion, or find the latest in legal news and issues of interest to the Christian legal community.


We provide descriptions and details for hundreds of organizations that desire to help you carry out your mission in or through the law. Public interest firms, policy organizations, legal aid providers, worldview organizations, and think tanks are listed and discussed here. Look for an organization to help you fulfill your own calling in law.

C&G Podcasts

Cross & Gavel Audio features a regular podcast, featuring host Mike Schutt, the Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies. He interviews practicing lawyers, law professors, and students who discuss issues of Christian calling in the law. The podcasts may be uploaded here or by searching Cross and Gavel on iTunesU.

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