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Internship Grant Program

Students selected for a funded internship will receive an award based on the following guidelines.

The awards will be based on a full-time internship of at least six weeks during the summer. Each student selected for an internship will receive a grant that will be paid directly to the student. It is intended that the student will use the grant to cover the costs of travel, housing, food, and all other expenses associated with living at the location of the internship placement. Eighty percent of the total grant will be paid prior to the internship, and the remaining twenty percent will be paid upon completion of the internship and upon submission of a detailed report about the internship.

Students interested in applying for an internship grant may apply based on an internship with one of the organizations that has already expressed an interest in having a Regent intern (please sign up for our Job Alerts or contact Kathy Stull in Career Services at for further information). Alternatively, students may apply based on the student securing an internship on their own (subject to approval). In order to apply for an internship grant, students must complete the online application form, and submit a resume, transcript, and photo to the Center for Global Justice no later than February 5. Submissions must be made electronically to