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Handong International Law School Application for Regent Law Center for Global Justice Internship Grant Program

In order to apply for an internship grant, students must complete the following online application form, and submit a resume and transcript to the Center for Global Justice and Dean James Davis no later than close-of-business on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. Submissions must be made electronically to and

Student Name: Class Year:
Email: Phone:
Answer the following questions:
I. What is the name of the organization with which you want to do an internship? Please describe the work of this organization and its location.
II. If this is an internship you have secured on your own, list the address and contact information for the organization, and list all details of the internship, including the type of work you will be doing in the internship, the length of the internship, the person or persons who will be supervising you and their qualifications, and all other factors that may be relevant to the placement. Email a copy of an agreement or correspondence verifying the terms of the internship to and State how you obtained and secured the internship.
III. How will the internship benefit you and help your legal career?
IV. How will the internship further the Christian mission of the law school?
V. By applying for this grant and checking the signature box below, you state that if I am selected for a grant award, I affirm and agree to the following:
  1. I will participate in the internship described in this application.
  2. If selected for an internship grant, I am willing to volunteer my services to the specific organization listed in this application.
  3. Upon completion of the internship, I will submit a detailed report describing the internship to the Center for Global Justice and Handong International Law School.
  4. I authorize Regent University School of Law and Handong International Law School to release information about my internship experience to the public, including other students and prospective students.
  5. During the internship, I will represent myself, Regent, Handong University, and God with professionalism and integrity, dress professionally, arrive promptly, work diligently, and complete the entire internship.
Signature:    Date:   04/05/2020