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Summertime at the Center for Global Justice means internships. Nineteen Regent law students are currently spread across the United States and throughout the world using their legal skills to seek justice for the oppressed. (Isaiah 1:17). While some students are just finishing their internships, others are just beginning. And although it is somewhat difficult to find common themes running through the internships, one thing is certain: God is at work. The updates and stories we receive from our interns prove that God truly cares for the poor and oppressed and that He is working through our interns. Justice really is the “foundation of His throne” (Psalm 89:14), and we are thankful to be a part of what God is doing in the world. Here are some updates from two of our interns.

Tiffany Bennett, 3L (Jubilee Campaign)

Tiffany Bennett interned with Jubilee Campaign, which is led by Regent Law alumna Ann Buwalda. Jubilee Campaign is a nonprofit organization that promotes the human rights and religious liberty of ethnic and religious minorities, particularly in Muslim and Communist nations. Jubilee assists individuals and families seeking asylum in the West from religious-based persecution and promotes the care and well-being of larger groups of refugees fleeing religious and ethnic persecution.

During her time at Jubilee Campaign, Tiffany was privileged to work with a young lady named Deborah Peter, a 15 year old Christian survivor of the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram. Jubilee Campaign brought Debbie to the United States after her family was brutally murdered by Boko Haram because of their faith in Christ. After Boko Haram kidnapped 276 school-aged girls from Chibok, Debbie decided that she could no longer stay silent. For more about Debbie’s story, click here.

Tiffany accompanied Debbie on her tour of the Capitol and meetings with congressmen and wrote press releases and a statement to Congress regarding the situation.

Beyond working on Debbie’s case, Tiffany worked on several other legal projects. She drafted a bill to help safely repatriate the 60,000+ Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram. Tiffany has also been working on a project on behalf of Bombay Teen Challenge, an anti-trafficking organization that rescues girls in India. The project involves assisting Bombay Teen Challenge to deal with several corporate legal issues it is facing. Finally, Tiffany worked on several asylum cases for people fleeing persecution in their home countries by, among other things, drafting affidavits for their court cases. According to Tiffany, working on these projects has made her “incredibly thankful to live in a place where Christians do not have to live as second-class citizens simply for professing Jesus. The faith of believers in persecuted countries demonstrates how awesome God’s love is a love so powerful that a young orphan can say that he forgives the jihadists who murdered his family because God also forgives him."

Elissa Polley, 3L (Traffick 911)

Elissa Polley is interning with Traffick 911, a Christian non-profit organization in Texas working “to stop the sale of American children into sexual slavery for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators.”

Elissa has assisted Traffick 911 with several legal projects. Among them is seeking to reopen a case for a young survivor who was trafficked at the age of 13.

According to Elissa, the case was missing critical evidence in the first trial and was viewed improperly through the lens that the young girl was a criminal rather than a victim: “our judicial system is having a hard time identifying these children as victims of trafficking, and is instead sending them to juvenile detention.”

In this vein, Elissa is working to train volunteers on legislative advocacy to strengthen the laws to reflect the need to recognize these children as victims and not criminals.

She is also spending some of her time, particularly on weekends, in the restoration homes: “As I spend time at the restoration home, I am so encouraged. One of the children stood up in front of a group we were training and reminded them that she is moving forward in life and is not going to be a victim anymore, but a survivor!”

Please Pray and Give

As you can see, Center interns are making a difference in the lives of the most oppressed throughout the globe—from victims of sexual exploitation in Texas to those who are killed for their faith in Christ in Nigeria. Please pray for all of our interns. Your prayers matter. For example, we just received word a few days ago that one of our interns in Uganda who is working to protect widows from having their land stolen had witchcraft used against him. We truly need your help battling “against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph. 6:12). Please also pray about sponsoring one of our interns. We are still in serious need of significant funding for this summer’s internship grants.

In Christ,

S. Ernie Walton, Esq.
Administrative Director
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