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Academic Scholarship

The Center for Global Justice is committed to academic scholarship and seeks to engage the legal community on human rights issues from a biblical perspective. Below are articles and reports published by Regent Faculty and/or the Center for Global Justice.


Rule of Law

Craig A. Stern, Human Rights or the Rule of Law -- The Choice for East Africa?, _ Mich. St. Int'l L. Rev. _ (forthcoming 2015).

S. Ernie Walton, Preserving the European Convention on Human Rights: Why the UK's Threat to Leave the Convention Could Save It, 42 Cap. U. L. Rev. 977 (2014).

Michael Hernandez, The Rule of Law, Historical Equity, and Mexican Contra Prohibition Immigrants, 9 Regent J. Int'l L. 29 (2012).

Jeffrey A. Brauch, The Dangerous Search for an Elusive Consensus: What the Supreme Court Should Learn from the European Court of Human Rights, 52 How. L.J. 227 (2009).

Craig A. Stern & Gregory M. Jones, The Coherence of Natural Inalienable Rights, 76 UMKC L. Rev. 939 (2008).  

Jeffrey A. Brauch, The Margin of Appreciation and the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: Threat to the Rule of Law, 11 Colum. J. Eur. L. 113 (2005).

Craig A. Stern, The Common Law and the Religious Foundations of the Rule of Law Before Casey, 38 U.S.F. L. Rev. 499 (2004).


Human Trafficking

McKee, Kathleen A. and Kohm, Lynne Marie, Examining the Associations between Sustainable Development Population Policies and Human Trafficking (January 17, 2015). 23 Michigan State International Law Review 1 (2015).

Kathleen A. McKee, Modern-Day Slavery: Framing Effective Solutions for an Age-Old Problem, 55 Cath. U. L. Rev. 141 (2005).

Kathleen A. McKee, “It’s 10:00 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”, 23 Regent U. L. Rev. 311 (2011).

Protection of Childre

Kathleen A. McKee, A Primer on International Parental Abduction, 6 Regent J. Int’l L. 37 (2008).

Lynne Marie Kohm, The Challenges of Family Law and Policy in Immigration Regulation, in Public law and Social Human Rights 83 (David A. Frenkel ed. 2013) (discussing vulnerabilities for families and their children in migration issues).

Lynne Marie Kohm, The Challenges of Teaching Gender Equality in a World of Gendercide, 6 Regent J. L. & Pub. Pol’y 1 (2014) (detailing the dangers to baby girls with reproductive technology and sex selection birth choices).

Keila E. Molina and Lynne Marie Kohm, Are We There Yet? Immigration Reform for the Best Interests of Children, Berkeley La Raza L. J. (2013) (reprinted Regent J. Int’l L. (2013) (discussing the plight of immigrant children when separated from deported or detained parents).

Lynne Marie Kohm and Rachel K. Toberty, A Fifty-State Survey of the Cost of Family Fragmentation, 25 Regent U. L. Rev. 25 (2012) (cited in New York Children’s Lawyer) (discussing the state costs of unformed families). 

Lynne Marie Kohm, A Hitchhiker's Guide to ART: Implementing Self-Governed Personally Responsible Decision-Making in the Context of Artificial Reproductive Technology, 39 Cap U. L. Rev. 413 (2001) (detailing how assisted technology law may not be the best methods for protecting children).


Lynne Marie Kohm, Suffer the Children: How the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Has Not Supported Children, 22 N.Y. Int’l. L. Rev. 57 (Summer 2009) (discussing several dangers to children globally that are not assisted by the CRC or its signatories to protect children).


Lynne Marie Kohm, Tracing the Foundations of the Best Interests of the Child Standard in American Jurisprudence, 10 J. L. Fam. Stud. 337(2008) (discussing an historical over view of the legal position of children and the standards that apply to them in court proceedings).

Lynne Marie Kohm, International Examination of Same Sex Parent Adoption, (co-authored with Megan Lindsey and William Catoe), 5 Regent U. J. Int’l L. 237 (2007) (presented at the International Family Law Society European Regional Conference, Chester, England, July 2007) (comparing national and international trends of adoption).

Lynne Marie Kohm, Family Law and Juvenile Law Annual Survey, 42 U. Rich. L. Rev. 417 (2007) (annual review of Virginia case law and legislation pertaining to children).

Lynne Marie Kohm, What’s My Place in this World?, 35 Cap. U. L. Rev. 563 (2007) (offering a child’s perspective on assisted reproductive technology).

United States Teen Courts State Survey



Jeffrey A. Brauch, What Every Lawyer Should Know about International Law, 78 Wis. Law. 12 (2005).

Lynne Marie Kohm, A Prospective Analysis of Family Fragmentation: Baby Mama Drama Meets Jane Austen, 29 BYU J. of Public Law 101 (2015).

Hope and a Future: The Story of Syrian Refugees by attorney and Regent Law alum John Balouziyeh (2008).