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Center for Global Justice by the Numbers


90 student staff members have logged over 11,500 hours of pro bono hours since fall 2013, donating an estimated value of $865,575 in legal work.

Student staff members have completed dozens of legal projects for 20 human rights organizations and attorneys.



The Center for Global Justice has sent out 160 interns from Regent Law School and Handong International Law School since 2010.

129 interns have gone out from Regent University School of Law.

31 interns have gone out from Handong International Law School.

These 160 Center for Global Justice interns have logged approximately 43,200 hours of pro-bono legal work at an estimated value of over $3.2 million.

Interns have worked at 65 different organizations.

Interns have served in 14 states in the U.S.

Interns have served in 24 countries around the world.



The Center for Global Justice sponsors 25 courses that will help prepare students for a career in human rights.

The Center for Global Justice has had the opportunity to educate almost 3,000 people on topics related to human rights and the rule of law through symposia and other events.



To assist these legal organizations, fund our internships, and offer these courses, the Center requires $231,000/year.

Download our 2016-20170 annual report for itemized expenses >