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We provide descriptions and details for hundreds of organizations that desire to help you carry out your mission in or through the law.  Public interest firms, policy organizations, legal aid providers, worldview organizations, and think tanks are listed and discussed here.

Policy & Public Interest Law

Check in here to find organizations taking action: public interest law firms doing religious liberty litigation and asylum work, policy institutes researching and writing to educate and inform, or grassroots advocacy groups urging citizens to get involved.  Check out the Institute for Religion and Democracy, the Center for Law and Religious Freedom, and Prison Fellowship.

Education & Worldview

Here you’ll encounter a diverse group of organizations dedicated to instruction in Christian thinking and worldview education, whether through study centers, university-sponsored institutes, or apologetics training courses.  Find links to Probe Ministries, Worldview Academy, Centers for Christian Study International, or Fordham’s Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work.

International Law & Missions

From Christian relief organizations to short-term missions sponsors, to opportunities to teach in China, you’ll find it here.  Visit World Vision, the International Institute for Christian Study, or Samaritan’s purse.



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