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Cross & Gavel Bibliography

The extensive bibliography of print resources is organized by topic, with each topic divided into “core” resources and “supplemental” recommended resources.  Most of the print resources are linked to our Cross & Gavel Resources Blog where we provide annotations with additional thoughts regarding the particular book or article. If the citation isn't listed on one of the bibliography pages, you'll find it at the blog (plus, the blog is searchable!).  Finally, a few of the titles listed on these pages have links to repositories where you may read them online.

Here's what you'll find as you look through our Bibliography:

General Resources

This is the starting point.  The books and law review articles listed in this section cover multiple subjects and should serve as a general orientation to the task of integrating one's faith with one's understanding of the law.

Legal Education

In this section you will find articles, books, papers, websites, and other items that will help you integrate your faith with your legal studies, both before and after you graduate.

Law School Subjects

This section will be of the most use to law students and faculty since it contains an extensive collection of resources devoted to specific subjects studied at American law schools.

Seminal Questions

This is perhaps the most "political" section, as the resources offered here address questions related to the proper jurisdictional roles of the Civil Authority, the Church, and the Family.

Strengthening Your Faith

As we grow in our understanding of the law and our calling, our faith and trust in God's goodness and grace should also expand and deepen.  The books and articles in this section are intended to help you, as a Christian lawyer or lawyer-in-training, come to a fuller understanding of the theological issues we confront when we consider the reality of God's Law.  The items in this section have been chosen with the hope that you will be strengthened and emboldened in your service for our King.


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