Relocation Information

As you prepare to relocate to Hampton Roads, use this worksheet and the cost of living information below to better understand your financial needs.


On-campus housing is available for students without children (Regent Commons) and students with families (Regent Village). Regent University expects that single, same-sex students will share housing. Visit the Residence Life website for additional information.

There is also off-campus housing, which you may learn more about on Regent's off-campus housing page.


Visit for more utility information.


The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website provides more information on requirements for owning and registering a vehicle in Hampton Roads.

Student Medical Insurance

The Business Office at Regent University provides information on healthcare costs for students and their family members. Visit their website here.


Research child care facilities in Hampton Roads using the Hampton Roads Child Care website.

Books & Supplies

Textbooks may be purchased online through Blackboard. To access the bookstore, log in to the MyRegent portal to go to Blackboard. Then, select Blackboard Store from the homepage. For additional information about the online bookstore, visit the University Bookstore. The Law Student Community in Blackboard also contains a discussion board for students to buy and sell books.


Local job boards are a good resource for students and their family members who seek employment:

Hampton Roads Human Resources Connection
Daily Press Jobs