Law School Named Scholarships

Awarded to continuing students only (0910 2Ls and 3Ls)

Jean B. James Award

  • established through an endowment provided by the surviving family of Mrs. Jean B. James
  • granted to a married student who is obedient to God's call to a mid-career redirection
  • candidates must be committed to a strong family life and demonstrate academic strength at the honors level, or significant academic improvement after one year of legal study at Regent University
  • candidates should show significant professional promise as demonstrated in prior work experience or in other substantial endeavors before or during his/her first year at Regent
  • nominations are encouraged from law faculty and administration
  • selection will be determined by the James family
  • award is non-renewable

John W. McCormick Spiritual Leadership Prize

  • established in memory of John W. McCormick, one of the founding faculty members of Regent University School of Law
  • given to a law student who consistently demonstrates a characteristic love for Christ and service to others that so permeated the life of John W. McCormick
  • preference is given to a married student
  • granted annually to a student who demonstrates the qualities of servant leadership and perseverance in his/her academic, church and family responsibilities based upon Matthew 20:26-28, Hebrews 12:1-2 and Philippians 3:12-14
  • application essay should be in response to: how do you press and reach for the upward call of God in your personal Christian walk and service to others (per the scriptures noted above) while fulfilling the demands of law school
  • a nomination by a member of the law school faculty or administration is required
  • selection will be determined by the donors
  • award is non-renewable

The Sekulow Scholar Award

  • established in honor of Jay Alan Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the ACLJ
  • equivalent to full tuition; may be shared between students or awarded in its entirety to one student
  • must possess excellent academic credentials, strong leadership skills, spiritual maturity and a commitment to a legal career defending religious liberties upon graduation from Regent Law School
  • nominations from the ACLJ carry significant weight
  • preference is given to new qualified candidates