Regent Law Financial Aid Policies & Procedures

Regent University School of Law awarded more than $4.7 million in scholarships and grants for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Law school scholarships and grants are awarded to degree-seeking students only. Thus, awards are not offered to visiting and auditing students. Law school awards apply toward law school tuition only and are not offered for fees, books, and living expenses.

New Students

Only admitted students are considered for Regent scholarships and grants. First-year award decisions are based upon the same qualifications that determined the admission decision. LSAT scores received after an admission decision will not result in an increased award.

All materials included in the admission packet may be used in scholarship decisions, in addition to award recommendations from the Admission Committee. New students are notified of a Regent Law award by email about two weeks after the admission decision.

Renewal Criteria and Continuing Students

Awards renew annually at the existing level, assuming the award renewal criteria are met. Academic merit awards renew each year if the student has a 2.8 cumulative spring semester GPA. Continuation of all law school awards is contingent on the student's adherence to the University's Honor Code and Standards of Personal Conduct. For specific award renewal criteria, click here.

Students who did not receive a scholarship or grant the first year of law school may be considered for a merit award if they are in the top 10 percent of their class. Notifications regarding any changes to a student's scholarship or grant are typically made in June. 

Law school awards are available for full-time and part-time degree-seeking students. They are not available for auditing or visiting students. Law school aid applies toward tuition and is based on the following:

Full-time Credit Hours

  • First year: 16 Fall and 15 Spring
  • Second year: 15 Fall and 15 Spring. 2L students may modify their schedule, but must maintain at least 10 credit hours per semester.
  • Third year: 15 Fall and 15 spring. 3L students may modify their schedule and are permitted to take less than 10 credit hours per semester with approval from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.  Students taking less than 10 credit hours a semester should contact the Law School Financial Aid Office to ensure institutional aid is properly applied.*

Part-time Credit Hours

  • First year: 12 Fall and 11 Spring
  • Second and third year: 11 Fall and Spring
  • Fourth year: 11 Fall and Spring. Students may take less than 8 credit hours if they are graduating during the academic year.*

*Federal Student Loan eligibility requires full-time students to maintain 6 credit hours per fall and spring semesters, and 3 credits for summer.

The university student budget will package all full-time students for 30 credit hours annually and 22 credit hours for part-time students. Although this is not always accurate, it is required by the university to manage the student loan program effectively and efficiently.

All law school awards are contingent upon student adherence to the Regent University Honor Code and Standard of Personal Conduct:

Most undergraduate lenders allow deferment of loan payments while students pursue graduate studies. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her lending institution for an "in-school deferment form." Upon completing the form, students should give it to the Regent University Registrar's Office for processing. 

Typically, the law school does not award scholarships and grants for the summer semester. Most students utilize a Grad PLUS loan to cover the cost of attendance, including study abroad programs. The FAFSA submitted for the fall and spring semesters also applies to the summer semester. Therefore, students only need to contact their CFA Counselor during the spring semester to extend loan funds for the summer semester.

Regent Law awards are only applicable to tuition included in the law school program. Students typically begin a joint degree program in the non-law discipline (Business, Divinity, Government, etc.). Therefore, students should contact the respective school for financial aid information.

Joint degree students will defer admission to law for one year. Please read the Deferred Students section for award policies.

The law school financial aid budget and awarding parameters are set yearly; therefore, students who have been granted a one-year deferral will be reconsidered for scholarships or grants for the year in which they will matriculate. Awards granted previously by the law school and/or the joint degree school may not necessarily apply.

For financial aid purposes, an international student with permanent residence status (a green card) is considered an immigrant and is eligible for U.S. federal and private loans. A non-immigrant international student (not a permanent resident) is not eligible for U.S. federal loans. Both immigrant and non-immigrant international students will be considered for law school scholarships and grants. International students may refer to the university web pages for further information:

While studying at Regent University School of Law, students may exercise a one-time transfer option, changing from the part-time to the full-time program (or vice versa) at the end of an academic year. Law school awards will be revised and does not necessarily adjust proportionately to the credit hour differential.  Students considering changing programs should contact the law school financial aid office prior to changing programs to determine if and how their scholarship or grant will be affected.

Students who are reinstated following academic dismissal are not eligible for awards during the year of reinstatement; however, students may be considered for awards the subsequent years. Students should be familiar with the terms of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy for federal student loans.  Further information on SAP can be found on the Central Financial Aid Office website.

The financial aid programs outlined herein replace all previous brochures and representations. All awards are subject to the availability of funds. Therefore, all Regent University financial aid programs may be revised or discontinued at any time without prior notice. Once individual program funds have been expended, no further awards will be made.