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Mission Statement

The mission of the financial aid program at Regent University School of Law is to assist the maximum number of students in completing their legal education. Financing law school and living expenses will be a significant challenge for most students. However, if God has called you to law school, then He will direct you toward the financial options to complete your calling.

Successful strategies to financing law school include minimizing existing debt, investigating all possible sources of aid, and carefully managing a student budget. The School of Law expects students to maintain a modest lifestyle while attending school to minimize debt. The university will establish a standard budget for each law student based upon full-time or part-time status, and if the student is single or married (or has a dependent). It is the responsibility of each student to live within the means of the student budget. Single students are encouraged to have a roommate to share expenses.

Regent Law students typically finance the cost of their education through a combination of personal and family resources, grants or scholarship assistance, federal student loans, and employment income. Full-time students are limited by the ABA to no more than 20 hours per week of employment. The part-time law program may be an option for individuals desiring to maintain a full-time job to further decrease indebtedness. Regent University does not participate in the Work Study Program; student employment (graduate assistant) opportunities may be found via Human Resources and the Central Financial Aid Office.