Next Steps for Accepted Students



Submitted your seat deposit and Enrollment Agreement, or LL.M. Enrollment Agreement?

Submitted transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended to the Office of Admissions?

Remember that the undergraduate transcript should reflect your "degree conferred" status.

Please contact us with any questions.

We look forward to greeting you on campus in August!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Regent University School of Law! 

Click here to submit your enrollment agreement.
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The rest of this page provides you with the information you need for a smooth transition.

Visit Us!

If you would like to schedule a campus visit prior to your enrollment, please contact us a few days in advance to arrange your weekday visit.

Here are some helpful links to assist with your visit: Travel, Area Attractions, Campus Map.

Enrollment Agreement, Seat Deposit, and Class Schedules

For accepted JD applicants, please submit the following to reserve your seat in the incoming fall class: Non-Refundable Seat Deposit, Enrollment Agreement, or International LL.M. Enrollment Agreement. Deposits are due two weeks from the date of your accept letter or by April 1, whichever occurs later.

For students beginning their studies in May, class schedules are typically mailed to deposited students in April. For students beginning their studies in August, class schedules are typically mailed to deposited students in early June.

Housing Options: On- and Off-campus

If you are interested in living on campus, we recommend that admitted students submit the housing application immediately because on-campus housing is very limited. Your on-campus housing application will not move forward, however, until your enrollment/seat deposit has been paid. View information regarding off-site housing options.

Academic Calendar, Policies, and Procedures

It is important that each student review our Student Affairs site for important resources, including schedules, academic calendars, Student Honor Code, Standard of Personal Conduct, and additional required event information, including information on our annual student and faculty retreat.  

Orientation (J.D. Students Only)

Incoming 1L J.D. students are required to attend the on-campus new student orientation in August. View the School of Law Events Calendar for specific dates.

Class Attendance

Students are responsible for knowing and meeting all course requirements including exams, assignments, and class participation. Regular attendance is mandatory. Students should review the academic calendar and avoid making personal commitments that conflict with orientation, class, and exam schedules.


Textbooks may be purchased from Blackboard's online bookstore. To access the bookstore, log in to the MyRegent portal to go to Blackboard. Then, select Blackboard Store from the homepage. For additional information about the online bookstore, visit


Please remember that you must provide us with official, degree-conferred transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended before Orientation. We need these materials by July 1.

  • This ABA requirement is in addition to the transcripts you previously submitted to LSAC as part of the application review process. Transcripts submitted to Law Services are copied to law schools for admission decision purposes only. 
  • All acceptance offers of admission are conditioned upon Regent’s receipt of official transcripts from all institutions the applicant has attended. Transcripts should be mailed to the Office of Law School Admissions.

Disability Accommodations

General information to help Regent students learn of their rights and responsibilities with regard to disability services can be found online here. If you have a disability that you believe requires accommodation, please review the specific information on the process for requesting reasonable accommodations.

Any student requesting accommodations will be required to submit an explanation of his or her disability, including appropriate verification from a medical provider or other professional along with suggestions as to what the student believes to be reasonable accommodations. Regent University's disability services coordinator considers this information in developing accommodation plans for students. Judge West then coordinates the implementation of student accommodation plans at the law school level.