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Cross & Gavel

Institute for Christian Legal Studies

U.S. CapitalCross & Gavel is a project of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies (ICLS), a cooperative ministry of Regent University School of Law and the Christian Legal Society.

The mission of ICLS is to equip and encourage Christian law students, law professors, and practicing lawyers:

  • To seek and study Biblical truth, including the natural law tradition, as it relates to law and legal institutions.
  • To encourage them in their spiritual formation and growth.
  • To encourage their compassionate outreach to the poor and needy.
  • To encourage integration of Christian faith and practice with their study, teaching, and practice of law.

Cross & Gavel provides information, networking, and resources as part of that mission.

Mike Schutt

Professor Mike Schutt is the director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies. He also serves the Christian Legal Society as director of its Law Student Ministries and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as national coordinator of its law school ministry. Contact Professor Schutt at