Campus Life

It's not all academics at the Robertson School of Government (RSG). Our students enjoy an active campus life as well. An abundance of campus activities are available throughout the year. Enjoy a taste of the nations at our International Students Celebration dinner each spring. Each fall our intramural sports competitions are in full swing with basketball, flag football, and ultimate Frisbee among others.

Students also enjoy the annual "Clash of the Titans" debate where nationally recognized leaders debate this year's hot button political issues.  Past participants have included: former Vice President Al Gore, Senator Bob Dole, Gen. Wesley Clark, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, columnist Ann Coulter and many others. The annual Ronald Reagan Symposium brings together on campus the nation's leading scholars to discuss such issues as "The Future of Conservatism" or "The Future of the American Presidency." RSG students have opportunities to participate in the execution of these exciting events.

In addition to the above, students may choose to take in a Regent theatre performance or enjoy the Virginia Symphony, both of which perform regularly in our 750 seat Communication and Performing Arts Center. And of course, in the summer only 10 miles east of campus, are plenty of beach activities: swimming, surfing, jet ski racing, and parasailing. RSG students work hard, but also make time to play hard. Below are just a few of the other fun activities that await you after class.