Admissions FAQ

What is the GPA requirement for enrollment?
The RSG requires a 3.0 minimum GPA from your awarded undergraduate and/or graduate institution. In some cases files with below a 3.0 will be considered on a case by case basis.

What postgraduate test should I take?
The RSG accepts either the GRE or the LSAT. Under special circumstances the GRE may be waived. Please contact the Admissions Manager regarding test requirements or waiver requests at or see the Application Checklist for more specifics.

Does the School of Government accept transfer credit hours from other universities?
Yes, students may transfer up to 25% of their credit hours (9 hrs.) from other accredited schools. These classes must comply with a Master of Arts in Government degree and may not have been used to earn another degree. The academic dean must approve all transfer hours.

How do I apply as a joint degree student?
In order to receive joint-degree status, applicants must first be granted admission to both schools. Students must also submit enrollment deposits and degree forms to both their primary and secondary schools.

Are there special requirements as a joint Government and Law applicant?
A joint Government and Law applicant should indicate both 'Law and Government' on the law application when applying to the School of Law. By marking both programs, you are authorizing the Law School to release your admissions materials to the Robertson School of Government. The Law School has asked that all joint Government and Law applicants submit a written release (email is acceptable) specifying each admissions material the applicant is authorizing them to release to the Robertson School of Government.

What are the admissions requirements for international applicants?
Regent University encourages diversity and appreciates the special contributions that international students bring to a graduate institution of learning. International students applying to RSG must complete a few additional application requirements. In addition to the GRE or LSAT, international students whose primary language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Please contact the Admissions Manager at for more details.

May I delay my enrollment for a term after I have been offered admission?
Applicants who are admitted to the RSG but need to delay their enrollment can defer their admission for one term. If the applicant does not enroll within the year of deferment, they must reapply for admission.