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Individualized Degree Plan Program
with emphasis in Educational Therapy - Required Courses

Required During First Semester

  • EDUC 500 Online Orientation - 0 credits
  • UNIV LIB Information, Research, and Resources - 0 credits

NILD Levels

Each course requires a one-week summer residency and is taken through NILD. Successful completion of all three courses leads to NILD certification.

  • EDLD 515 Instructional Methods for Students with Learning Needs -
    Level I (Summer I) - 3 credits
  • EDLD 520 Instructional Methods for Students with Learning Needs -
    Level II (Summer II) - 3 credits
  • EDLD 525 Instructional Methods for Students with Learning Needs -
    Level III (Summer III) - 3 credits


  • EDIP 540 Philosophical Foundations in Education (Fall, Spring, Summer) - 3 credits
  • EDIP 541 Developmental Leadership (Fall, Spring, Summer) - 3 credits
  • EDIP 542 Introduction to Curriculum & Instruction (Fall, Spring, Summer) - 3 credits
  • EDIP 543 Technology in Education (Fall, Spring, Summer) - 3 credits
  • EDLD 530 Methodologies of Instruction for Educational Development (Spring) - 3 credits
  • EDLD 585 Field Experience (Next to Last Semester) - 1 credit
  • EDLD 595 Internship (Next to Last Semester) - 2 credits
  • EFND 598 Professional Project (Final Semester) - 1-2 credits
  • ETSL 540 Multicultural Education (Fall or Summer) - 3 credits

Total Credits: 32

Individualized Degree Program - Course Descriptions

EDIP 540 Philosophical Foundations in Education (3) Historical, political and philosophical foundations of education. While focused on U.S. education, emphasis on generalized principles and issues makes it relevant to all nations. Establishes a philosophical foundation of education and surveys various worldviews that affect education today.

EDIP 541 Developmental Leadership (3) Breadth of understanding or review of major
leadership theories, with a focus on development of models. Grow a depth of understanding concerning a particular developmental leadership model and apply the concepts and skills to certain situations. Utilize leadership skills to foster growth in the people with which you work, thus drawing out the leadership in the learner.

EDIP 542 Introduction to Curriculum & Instruction (3) Develop an understanding of biblical perspectives on the nature of learning and the ability to think critically about issues related to teaching and learning. Explore the components of effective instruction and learn how to implement instructional strategies that promote learning.

EDIP 543 Technology in Education (3) Increase learning and learner success by designing educational events that use instructional technology. Covers three basic areas of technology integration: planning, implementation and evaluation. Does not cover specific applications.  Within this framework, various technologies and tools will be investigated for the purpose of determining which are best suited for particular instructional situations. Discusses broader issues regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of technology integration in education. The ultimate goal is to create a plan to integrate technology in your educational setting.

ETSL 540 Multi-Cultural Education (3) Explores current issues in multicultural education with an emphasis on the impact of socio-cultural factors in education and society. Focuses on issues of diversity and inclusivity to equip learners to succeed in contemporary America and in an increasingly global environment. Examines both theory and practical applications.

UNIV LIB Information Research & Resources (0) Teaches basic competencies in the use of computer and related information technology research and resources, including use of the library. Enroll in the course in the first semester. Required for graduation. Pass/No Pass.