Christian Education Leadership (Ed.D.)

- ACSI & IACCS Approvals

The School of Education is fully recognized by these organizations to offer coursework toward teacher and administrator certification and educational professional development:

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) strives to enable and equip Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively educate children and young people with the mind of Christ. Thus, students will be prepared for life because Christ, the creator and sustainer of the universe, possesses “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3). The life and mind of Christ is nurtured in the lives of students through redemptive relationships with faculty who recognize that reconciling the heart and mind to God is the foundation of their work. The people of ACSI, in our Colorado Springs headquarters and the eighteen regional offices around the world, are eager to assist educators and schools in guiding their students to reach their full potential in Christ. We desire to provide the tools necessary to rekindle vision, energize practices, and equip educators to achieve this goal.

ACSI Certification Courses available online: These courses meet the ACSI certification requirements in Biblical Studies, Professional Studies, Philosophy of Christian Education, and Administration.

      Biblical Studies Courses:

  • EBIB 521 Christian Heritage – Summer Semester
  • EBIB 523 Christian Character Formation – Spring Semester
  • EBIB 517 Biblical Integration/Apologetics – Spring Semester
  • EBIB 516 Hermeneutics for Education – Summer Semester

      Philosophy Course:

  • EDCS 505 Philosophy of Christian Education – Fall Semester

      Professional Studies Courses:

  • EDCS 522 Foundations of Teaching & Learning – Fall Semester
  • EDCS 530 Foundations of Biblically Based Education – Fall Semester
  • EDCS 523 Effective Teaching Practices* – Spring Semester
  • EDCS 563 Instructional Strategies for Students Who Are At Risk* – Fall Semester
  • EDCS 520 Individual Differences & Classroom Management* – Spring Semester
  • EDCS 532 Assessing & Teaching Language Arts* – Summer Semester
  • ETSL 570 Teaching Reading* – Spring Semester
  • EDCS 521 Research on Effective Christian Education – Summer Semester
  • EDCS 542 Curriculum Unit Development – Summer Semester

      Administration Courses:

  • EDCS 553/ECEL 753 Staff Development for Christian Schools – Spring Semester
  • EDCS 551/ECEL 751 Financial Management for Christian Schools – Fall Semester
  • EDCS 552/ECEL 752 Starting & Operating Christian Schools – Summer Semester

International Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (IACCS) comes into
operation to help Christian schools as they carry out God’s program; that is, to graduate
born again students prepared to answer God’s call with money and manpower to the
mission fields of the world. With a large percentage of America’s Christian school
graduates practicing a lifestyle of immorality with little to no understanding of authority
or responsibility, there is a place for an association that will meet the needs of schools
that hold to a Bible philosophy of education and operation.