Members of Regent University’s acclaimed faculty are familiar faces in the field of education. Their names are associated with breakthrough research and innovative thinking in an ever-widening array of arenas, from character education in public schools to strategic planning in higher education. They are leaders in Christian education, public school administration, and public/private educational initiatives. They lead conventions and national conferences. They write for textbooks and for scholarly journals. They serve as advisors on education to our country’s leaders and speak with authority among their peers. Regent’s outstanding faculty is made up of true servant leaders who feel called to make a difference in the classroom, beginning with their own. In addition to Regent’s faculty, Regent graduates are award-winning teachers, nationally recognized principals, and noted authorities in the field of education. Learn more about Regent’s faculty and alumni below.

Faculty Achievements                   

  • Transition to Teaching Grant - For the fifth successive year the partnership between the School of Education's Career Switcher / Teach Now program and Norfolk Public Schools has been awarded a federal grant. $255,000 has been made available for academic year 2011/12 to help recruit, prepare and retain teachers of high-need subjects who may teach in Norfolk's middle and high schools. Program Chair, Dr. Mervyn Wighting, said he was delighted to receive the award again this year and noted that it was a glowing testimonial to all the hard work that staff and faculty have put into the program.
  • Vice President of ACCESS Christian Distance Education organization: Dr. Jason Baker
  • Nominated as the President-elect for the Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education (VAACE), the state organization for teachers, administrators, and professors of adults: Dr. Don Finn
  • President of the Learning Disability Association of America (LDA): Dr. Ken Kavale
  • 2006 National University Telecommunications Network Best Research Paper Award: Dr. Fred Rovai, Dr. Michael Ponton, Dr. Gail Derrick
  • Appointment Membership to the editorial board of the following journals: The Internet and Higher Education, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning: Dr. Fred Rovai
  • 2006 National Russell C. Hill Award (for contributions to character education):
    Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams
  • Chair, Arts Network, National Association for Gifted Children: Dr. Lou Lloyd-Zannini

Student/Alumni Achievements     

  • Gary Maestas, K12 School Leadership doctoral student, was recently appointed superintendent of Plymouth, MA schools.
  • City Wide Rookie Teacher of the Year: Courtney Gavin, a current Career Switcher student .
  • Houston Baptist University as the Department Chair of Education and Kinesiology: Alice Ledford, an alum, is making differences and believes Regent made an impact.
  • "You Make a Difference" award which recognizes the teacher of the month (All of the teachers of the month will be considered for Teacher of the Year): Etta Bowden, a current Cross-Categorical Special Education student.
  • 2006 National Middle School Principal of the Year: Sharon Byrdsong, Principal, Azalea Gardens Middle School
  • 2005 History Teacher of the Year, Virginia: Molly Gunsalus
  • 2002 I.D.E.A.S. Award (New Jersey Department of Education): Bob Zentmeyer 
  • 2002 Milken Motivational Educator of the Year Award: Doreatha White, Ph.D.
  • The Plato Award, Oxford University: Judy Hannah
  • Medal of Honor, Oxford University: Judy Hannah


  • Salute to Teachers held Friday, September 26, 2008, to honor local Teachers of the Year. Attended by over 450 guests, with keynote speaker Dr. Billy Cannaday, Virginia Department of Education Superintendent.

New Publications & Presentations

  • Book Released, Individualized Strategies for Building Resiliency in At-Risk Students: Dr. George Selig, Dr. Alan Arroyo, Dr. Lou Lloyd-Zaninni, Dr. Hope Jordan  has been published
  • Book Released with Teachers College Press on Closing the Achievement Gap: Dr. Louis Gallien, Fred Rovai, Helen Stiff-Williams has been published
  • Book Contract for Reading for English Language Learners: Dr. Deanna Nisbet, Dr. Evie Tindall


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