Regent University School of Divinity

Youth & Urban Renewal Center

Initiatives & Coalitions: Transform Your City

"The gospel, rightly understood, is holistic. It responds to people as whole people; it doesn't single out just spiritual or just physical needs and speak to those." John Perkins, Restoring At-Risk Communities

An increased number of people are living in urban settings around the world, according to report from the United Nations. Along with the geographical migration comes a host of challenges, from poverty to a decline in religious life.

YURC seeks to reach people within the urban centers we find ourselves in, with a focus on urban and local churches in at-risk communities. The apostle Paul deliberately chose urban environments as the focus for his ministry, establishing a local church base of operation and using local churches to bring renewal from the inside out. Likewise, we see the local church in the urban cities as a gateway for renewal for great numbers of people.

How YURC Partners With Urban Churches to Bring the Gospel's Transformational Power to the City:

  • Participate in Urban Initiatives - Through ministry partnerships, YURC mobilizes students to assist churches and ministries in addressing a wide range of urban issues (i.e., mentoring youth, feeding the hungry, supporting the homeless and offering pastoral care to the broken).
  • Facilitate Urban Coalitions - YURC specializes in facilitating coalitions between urban churches, and community and educational organizations. Particularly, we facilitate relationships to broaden ministry interests in the areas of Christian educational outreach and social engagement.

"And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you …"
Jeremiah 29:7

"While the disciples stood around him, he arose and entered the city …"
Acts 14:20