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Youth Training Tools: Empower Your Youth

"While I believe the church, at its core, should remain the same, there are some things she should consider as she tries to attract wayward youth and young adults—and to keep the ones she has." Tim Lee,

The future leadership of communities, society and the world rests in the hands of the youth. Statistics show that urban youth are at high risk for failure and crime as a result of contextual disadvantages. As the world is increasingly urban with accompanying struggles, urban churches must invest resources in youth development.

YURC believes that churches which make youth a key priority will emphasize constructive leadership development among their youth leadership.

Preparing Youth Leadership to Powerfully Minister to Urban Youth of This Generation

YURC partners with Regent University School of Divinity and Regent University School of Undergraduate Studies to offer specialized and intervention ministry training (i.e., gang prevention, sex-trafficking awareness, education) for urban youth. Training is available on campus, over the Internet or custom-designed for delivery at your location.

Specialized training includes:

  • Enrichment classes and seminars that are offered on specialty topics that impact ministry to youth in urban settings.
  • Scheduled webinars arranged by specialty topics related to urban youth ministry that are available wherever Internet access is available.
  • Scheduled on-site seminars and lectures arranged by specialty topics related to urban youth ministry that are available to be arranged in conversation with urban churches or ministries.

Intervention ministry training includes:

  • Youth education and motivation to help the urban churches positively impact the problem of truancy and high school dropout rates and to assist churches in promoting higher education.
  • Gang awareness and prevention, and mentoring to help the urban churches intervene in this growing urban challenge.
  • Addiction solutions for problems within congregations, such as alcohol and drug abuse that often plague urban environments.
  • Sex-trafficking and domestic violence awareness and prevention.

YURC brings the power of partnership with Regent University and its diverse educational resources, as well as partnership with specialized ministries to bear on your local church needs.

"Young people are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him." Psalms 127:3

"Dear God, do not leave me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Thy power to all who are to come."
Psalms 71:18