Juan Sepúlveda

“The Power of the Holy Spirit and Church Indigenization: A Latin American Perspective”

The purpose of the proposed essay is to revisit the theological reflexion on the question of what means to be Pentecostal (Pentecostal Identity) from the perspective of Latin American Pentecostalism, but mainly upon the experience of Chilean Pentecostalism. One section will explore the written sources on the early Chilean revival, aiming to visualize and interpret the understanding of Pentecostal Identity which emerged from such local experience. Another section will attempt a dialogue between this local understanding of Pentecostal Identity and some of the biblical texts which have nourished the global understanding of Pentecostal Identity, mainly Acts 1:8 and 2:4-6, as well as their interpretation by Classic North American Pentecostalism. The expected outcome is to argue that the stress in the interpretation of Spirit Baptism should be put on the empowerment of the local Christian community to be an indigenous missionary Church, rather than on speaking in tongues.