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Center for Renewal Studies

Center for Renewal Studies

Research and Renewal Scholarship

The Center for Renewal Studies extends the intentions of the programs and the mission of the School of Divinity and Regent University in research, teaching, and scholarship, including a resource center, conferences, a public blog, public lecture series, seminars, exchange of visiting scholars from various disciplines, sponsorship of other professional events and venues related to the promotion of renewal and resulting publications from these venues. The focus of our research and scholarship is on all issues related to Theological Studies, that is, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit across all fields, disciplines, and realms of life.

The activities of the Center for Renewal Studies engage in research, scholarship, and publications on four interrelated levels. Please see the menu on the left for details on these and other activities.

  1. Symposium Series (and publications)
    • 2013 The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life Conference (Book forthcoming)
    • 2011 Symposium on Pentecostalism & Prosperity - (Book)
    • 2010 Symposium on Religion & Great Commission - (Book)
    • 2009 Spirit & Scripture - (Book)
    • 2008 Afropentecostalism - (Book)
    • 2006-2007 Women in Pentecostal / Charismatic Ministry - (Book)
  2. Blog
    Renewal Dynamics is the official blog of the Regent University School of Divinity and its Center for Renewal Studies since 2010. Through a teamblog approach, it endeavors to generate, facilitate, and perpetuate meaningful dialogues pertinent to the renewal movement in the church, in the academy and across the world. These dialogues, often from charismatic and Pentecostal perspectives, will explore the renewing work of the Holy Spirit in the arenas of theology, biblical studies, history, ministry, evangelism, missions, and spiritual formation. Renewal Dynamics welcomes a diverse, participating readership comprised of students, alumni, scholars, ministers, missionaries, and anyone with an authentic desire to participate in these relevant conversations. See
  3. Book Series
    A book series is planned entitled "Christianity and Renewal: Interdisciplinary Studies" (CHARIS) with Palgrave Mcmillan Publishing House. The book series proposed would bring established scholars and newly emerging scholars to explore issues at the intersection of the Pentecostal, charismatic, and renewal movements and related phenomena. The series would proceed on two tracks: (1) a monograph track that allows for in-depth pursuit of a particular topic and (2) an edited collection track that allows scholars from a variety of disciplines to interact under a broad theme. The series encourages discussion of traditional Pentecostal studies, re-examination of established religious doctrine and practice, and ventures into new fields of study hitherto not attempted by the renewal se movement.
  4. Journal
    The plans of the CRS include a journal entitled CHARIS: Christianity and Renewal: Interdisciplinary Studies. This journal would bring together scholars from a variety of institutions and disciplines on the interdisciplinary study of renewal.