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The formation of a resource center for the renewal movements is a central goal of the Center for Renewal Studies. The compilation of resources across disciplines is currently under development. The primary purpose of the resource center is to function as a bridge-builder and catalyst in the discussion of the academic, ecclesial, and public experiences of renewal (see our mission statement). To this end we provide resources to a broad audience that can be seen as moving in concentric circles from the academy to the church and to the public.

  1. Academy:
    • scholars, researchers, and teachers in the field of renewal studies
    • scholars, researchers, and teachers outside of the field of renewal studies
    • doctoral students in the Ph.D. program in Theological Studies at the School of Divinity
  2. Church:
    • Pastors and church leaders from the renewal communities
    • Ecumenical communities and individuals
    • Interested lay persons
  3. Public
    • Non-theological and non-academic persons interested in renewal