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Center for Renewal Studies

Center for Renewal Studies


The Center for Renewal Studies engages in publications on four interrelated levels.

1) CHARIS: Christianity and Renewal-Interdisciplinary Studies
The CHARIS series brings together established and newly emerging scholars in monographs and edited volumes to explore issues at the intersection of the pentecostal, charismatic and other renewal movements and related phenomena from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, from various global locations, and from a range of Christian ecumenical and religious traditions.

Volume 1: Wolfgang Vondey (ed.) The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life: Historical, Interdisciplinary, and Renewal Perspectives (2014)

Volume 2: Nimi Wariboko. The Charismatic City and the Public Resurgence of Religion: A Pentecostal Social Ethics of Cosmopolitan Urban Life (2015)

Volume 3: Leah Payne. Gender and Pentecostal Revivalism: Making a Female Ministry in the Early Twentieth Century (2015)

2) Symposium Series
2011 Symposium on Pentecostalism & Prosperity - (Book)
2010 Symposium on Religion & Great Commission - (Book)
2009 Spirit & Scripture - (Book)
2008 Afropentecostalism - (Book)
2006-2007 Women in Pentecostal / Charismatic Ministry - (Book)

3) Scholarly Essays
The lectures, seminars, and other events sponsored by the Center often result in the production of scholarly essays, published either in the monograph series of the Center or independently by participants in academic, peer-reviewed journals.

4) Popular Publications
The activities of the Center involve a diverse audience and focus on transcending the academic publics. Popular publications address concerns of a general nature pertinent to pastors, ministers, and a general audience.

5) Blog
Renewal Dynamics is the official blog of the Regent University School of Divinity and its Center for Renewal Studies. Through a teamblog approach, it endeavors to generate, facilitate, and perpetuate meaningful dialogues pertinent to the renewal movement in the church, in the academy and across the world. These dialogues, often from charismatic and Pentecostal perspectives, will explore the renewing work of the Holy Spirit in the arenas of theology, biblical studies, history, ministry, evangelism, missions, and spiritual formation.

Renewal Dynamics welcomes a diverse, participating readership comprised of students, alumni, scholars, ministers, missionaries, and anyone with an authentic desire to participate in these relevant conversations. See

6) Facebook Group
The Regent Center for Renewal Studies focuses on the transforming work of the Holy Spirit across churches, disciplines, and all realms of life. The Facebook group offers news and discussion about the activities of the Center, including its annual conference on Renewal theology, its public blog "Renewal Dynamics," and publications. This group is open to the public and offers discussions and conversations among members on the topic of Renewal. Join the group at