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The Holy Spirit & the Christian Life Conference Schedule

Friday March 1, 2013
11:00am Registration
1:00pm Welcome, Amos Yong, Dean, Regent University School of Divinity (Robertson Hall Moot Courtroom)
Introduction & chair,
Wolfgang Vondey, Regent University
  Plenary #1
Paul Chang-Ha Lim, Vanderbilt University
  "'Effete Enthusiasm'? Episcopal Critique of the Effervescence of the Spirit in early English Enlightenment"

2:00pm Break (Robertson Hall Lobby)
2:15pm Parallel Paper Session #1
  Affectivity and the Spirit in Medieval Christianity (Robertson Hall 201)
Kip Redick, Christopher Newport University, chair

Lisa Millen, Regent University
  "Hugh of St. Victor and the Gifts of the Spirit"
  Craig A. Boyd, St. Louis University
  "Aquinas on Sanctifying the Affections: Participating in the Life of the Spirit"
  Sharon L. Baker, Messiah College
  "Letting Go of Detachment: On the Active and Affective Immanence of the Spirit"

  Renewing Protestant Theology (Robertson Hall 106)
  D. William Faupel, Wesley Seminary, chair

  Greg Peters, Biola University
  "Monasticism: Instrument of the Holy Spirit in the Renewal, Revival, and Revitalization of Today's Church"
  David Trementozzi, Regent University
  "Pentecostal Orthopathy and Pneumatological Transformation"
  Jon Ruthven, United Theological Seminary (Dayton, Ohio)
  "On Emerging from the Protestant Theological Cocoon: A Radical Reframing of the Biblical Message for Pentecostals and Charismatics"

  The Church & Spirituality (Robertson Hall 205)
James Estes, Catholic University of America, chair

Kyle A. Roberts, Bethel Seminary
  "Embodied Presence: The Spirit and the Mission of the Church in Matthew's Gospel"
  Samuel Hamilton-Poore, San Francisco Theological Seminary
  "Spiritual Practices and Peccadilloes: Reformed Christian Contributions and Cautions for the Discernment of the Spirit in Spiritual Direction"
  James M. Henderson, Regent University
  "Kenotic Spirituality"

  Creeds, Charisms, and Confirmation (Robertson Hall 113)
Tony Richie, Pentecostal Theological Seminary, chair

Dorothy Chang, Columbia University
  "Role of the Spirit and Christ's Humanity in Lutheran and Reformed Creeds"
  Jacob Dodson, Wooster Mennonite Church, Wooster, Ohio
  "Honoring Historical Beginnings: Founding Charisms and the Search for Relevance and Purpose in the Local Church"
  Christopher J. Wilson, Regent University
  "The Roman Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation as Precursor to the Pentecostal Phenomenon of Baptism in the Spirit"

4:15pm Break (Robertson Hall Lobby)
4:45pm Parallel Paper Session #2
  Augustine and Affectivity (Robertson Hall 201)
Mark J. Cartledge, University of Birmingham, chair

Jerry Ireland, Liberty University
  "Augustine of Hippo's Trinitarian Imago Dei for Balancing Intellect and Emotion in the Life of Faith"
  Daniel Strand, University of Chicago
  "Absence Makes the Heart Grow: The Dynamics of Love and Longing in St. Augustine"

  Nineteenth Century Pneumatology (Robertson Hall 205)
Steven Emmanuel, Virginia Wesleyan University, chair

Matthew Brake, Regent University
  "In Search of a Kierkegaardian Pneumatology"
  Christian T. Collins Winn, Bethel University
  "Apocalyptic Pneumatology and the Religions: The Case of Christoph Blumhardt"

  Science, Philosophy and the Spirit (Robertson Hall 106)
Frederick L. Ware, Howard University, chair

Skip Horton-Parker, Regent University
  "The Deep Moans Round with Many Voices: Scientific and Theological Perspectives on the Intelligence of the Emotions"
  Joshua D. Reichard, Youngstown Christian School (Youngstown, OH), Oxford Graduate School: American Centre for Religion/Society Studies (Dayton, TN)
  "'Un-Powered' by the Holy Spirit: A Process-Relational and Pentecostal-Charismatic Pneumatology"

  European Pentecostal Perspectives (Robertson Hall 113)
Marcia Clarke, University of Birmingham, chair

Paul Palma, Regent University
  "Affectivity and Aesthetic Practices in the Emergence of Italian Pentecostalism"
  Eugen Jugaru, Pentecostal Theological Institute, Bucharest, Romania
  "Joy Beyond Understanding: Common Ground in Suffering and Worship among Eastern European Christians during the Communist Era"

6:00pm Break
6:15pm Dinner (Robertson Hall Lobby)
7:00pm Plenary Session #2 (Robertson Hall Moot Courtroom)
Dale Coulter, Regent University, chair

Elizabeth Dreyer, Fairfield University
  "The Transformative Role of Emotion in the Middle Ages: Deliverance from Lukewarm Affections"

Saturday March 2, 2013
8:00am Continental Breakfast (Robertson Hall Lobby )
8:30am Plenary Session #3 (Robertson Hall Moot Courtroom)
Dominick Hankle, Regent University, chair

Bradley Nassif, North Park University
  "Emotions and Life in the Spirit in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition"
9:30am Break
9:50am Parallel Paper Session #3

The Spirit in the Seventeenth & Eighteenth Centuries (Robertson Hall 201)
Bernie Van De Walle, Ambrose University College, chair

Janelle Aijian, Biola University
  "Baptism by Fire: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Pascal's Philosophy"
  David M. Barbee, University of Pennsylvania
  "The Allurer of the Soul: The Holy Spirit in Puritan Preaching"
  Robert Webster, The University of the South
  "The Holy Spirit and the Miraculous: John Wesley's Egalitarian View of the Supernatural and its Problems"

  Pluralism, the Church, and the Spirit (Robertson Hall 106)
Jonathan E. Smith, Saybrook University, chair

Fitzroy J. Willis, Ohio Christian University
  "Gifted to Love: Authentic Spirituality in Pluralistic Contexts"
  Joshua Brockway, The Catholic University of America
  "One Body, Many Parts: Reclaiming the Ecclesial Context of the Spiritual Gifts"
  Travis Judkins, Shaw University Divinity School
  "Ecumenic Pluralism as Transforming Catalyst in the 21st Century"

  Text, Hermeneutics, and the Spirit (Robertson Hall 203)
Carl Sanders, Lancaster Bible College, chair

Sara Wells, Fuller Theological Seminary,
  "The Holy Spirit and Text Transmission of the Hebrew Bible"
  Steve Sherman, Regent University
  "The Spirit as Source of Hermeneutical Revitalization in the Church"
  B. Keith Putt, Samford University
  "The Passion of/for Pentecost: Hermeneutics, Heterology, and God's Disunifying Spirit"

  Sin, Warfare, and Divine Healing, (Robertson Hall 205)
Tommy Brown, Wake Forest University School of Divinity, chair

Steve L. Porter, Biola University
  "Why Don't We Grow? The Flesh as Habituated, Relational Resistance to the Spirit"
  Jessica Manuel, The Master's College, Santa Clarita, CA
  "Spiritual Nomadology"
  Martin Dignard, Regent University
  "God's Faithful Freedom: Healing as an Outflow of God's Presence"

  Pneumatic Experiences, Gender, and Renewal (Robertson Hall 113)
Benjamin Conner, Union Presbyterian Seminary, chair

Mike Rakes, Winston Salem First, Winston Salem, NC
  "Experiential Relativism, Autonomy, and Interpreted Experiences: Avenues of Discipleship, Dignity, and Renewal"
  Kimberly Ervin Alexander, Regent University
  "Girl-Talk: A Feminist Re-Imagination of Pentecostal Theological Discourse and Experience"
  Deborah Vaughn, George Washington University Hospital, Washington, DC
  "Prayers Without Words: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in a Chaplain's Work"
11:50am Break
12:00pm Lunch (Robertson Hall Lobby)
12:30pm Plenary Session #4 (Moot Court Room)
Diane Chandler, Regent University, chair

Michael McClymond, St. Louis University
  "Tears of Sorrow and of Joy: Conviction, Compunction, Compassion and the Continuity of Divine and Human Affectivity"
1:45pm Concluding Comments: Dale Coulter, Regent University