Regent University School of Divinity Financial Aid Process

All incoming and current students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the seminary scholarship application process to receive full consideration for all available scholarships and grants. Incoming students who apply and qualify for scholarships and grants will be considered for a Divinity Financial Award upon acceptance into the School of Divinity. Disbursement of all awards are contingent upon the annual financial resources held by the School of Divinity. All Divinity Financial Awards will automatically be renewed for a period of three years (Master of Arts students) or four years (Master of Divinity students) based upon availability of scholarship and grant funds.

Students pursuing a doctoral degree or benefiting from military discounts, the Pastors' Lifelong Learning Program, the Church Matching Grant or a corporate partners discount must re-apply annually. Students who can demonstrate a financial need as evidenced by a completed financial condition statement, can apply for a SOD Needs Based Grant. These are offered on a one time only basis by completing and submitting the Needs-Based Grant form. If you are admitted to Regent University, please remember that all students who are taking out loans must file a new FAFSA every year.

Students who fall into probationary academic status will forfeit any Divinity Awards they are receiving. Once out of probationary status, these students are welcome to re-apply for Divinity Awards.

If you have questions about how to get seminary scholarships and financial aid, please do not hesitate to contact our Central Financial Aid Office:

Phone: 757.352.4125
Fax: 757.352.4118

  1. Submit FAFSA
  2. Submit Financial Aid Applications
  3. Acceptance into the School of Divinity
  4. Register For Classes
  5. Payment Deadline and Financial Aid Options

Submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The FAFSA is required when applying for federal loans and for the School of Divinity financial award application process. The School of Divinity does not require students to accept federal loans, but utilizes the FAFSA data in order to consider need-based awards.

  • Submit your FAFSA at least two months prior to the start of classes to ensure that loans with be available by the payment deadline.
  • Obtain the FAFSA PIN at Complete the FAFSA online at and enter Regent's School Code 030913.
  • The Central Financial Aid office can assist you with the federal loan process. They will send you a letter containing your Genisys ID and PIN once the FAFSA is received. Contact information: 757.352.4125 or
  • Learn more about the Federal Loan Program Aid process.

Ph.D. students are not required to submit the FAFSA in order to receive Divinity financial aid.

International students are ineligible for federal loans and are not required to submit the FAFSA to receive Divinity financial aid.

Submit Financial Award Application(s)

Regent University and the School of Divinity offer scholarships and discounts based on academic merit and financial need. In addition to financial aid awards within the School of Divinity, Regent University offers special endowed scholarships that can be applied for in Genisys by March 2. (Applications become available December 1 for the next school year.) Students are also encouraged to seek outside scholarships to help reduce their debt.

Financial Award Applications

Other Award Applications:

Acceptance into School of Divinity

Master's Level and Doctor of Ministry Students:
Please allow two weeks after your admissions decision to receive a financial award decision. You will be informed of the award decision via Genisys. For questions regarding the Divinity awarding process, or to check your status, please contact Central Financial Aid at 757.352.4125 or

Ph.D. Students:
Please allow two weeks after your admissions decision to receive a financial award decision. You will be informed of the award decision via email. For questions regarding the Divinity awarding process, or to check your status, please contact the doctoral programs manager, Jason Wermuth, at 757.352.4403 or

Register for Classes

Register for classes in Genisys at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester to receive your student loan refund prior to the payment deadline. Your Divinity financial award will appear in Genisys and be deducted from your tuition bill based on registration.

  • To receive federal loans, students must meet at least a part-time status (5 credit hours fall/spring semesters, 3 credit hours summer semester).
  • Divinity full-time status is 9 credit hours (fall/spring) | 6 credit hours (summer).
  • Divinity part-time status is 6 credit hours (fall/spring) | 3 credits (summer).

For assistance with class registration, please contact us at 757-352-4968 or 757-352-4537 or email

Payment Deadline and Options

Note registration and payment deadlines on the Academic Calendar. A late fee of $100 will be applied to missed payment deadlines.

If you are receiving federal loans, you will receive an email confirmation of loan fund arrival several days prior to the start of the semester if all eligibility requirements have been met. You will then receive a refund check from the Business Office a few days before classes begin. We highly recommend that you sign up in Genisys for direct deposit so that the refund check can be directly deposited into your account sooner than waiting for it to come in the mail a week later.

If you cannot pay for your courses all at once and desire an alternative to loans, we recommend signing up for the Tuition Installment Plan through the Business office.

Contact the Business Office:
757.352.4059 or 757.352.4346

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