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Please use the form below to provide Divinity Admissions with contact information for your Faculty Recommendation. You may need to submit this form more than once, depending on the application requirements for your degree program.

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  • We cannot be responsible for incorrect contact information or unresponsive faculty.
  • Please only have the Faculty Recommendation form sent to someone you know personally and who has a good chance to provide a favorable recommendation.
  • Your information (submitted through this form) will be disclosed to the person identified in this form for the purposes of identification. Do not submit this form if you do not want this information disclosed.
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Faculty Recommendation Request

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Ken Gosnell, M.Div. '06

Ken Gosnell, M.Div. '06

Senior Director of National Programming, National Fatherhood Initiative

"The professors were sincere about the investment they were making in the students, and I really appreciated it as I was developing my worldview. I learned to think broader, deeper, more strategically than I ever had before."
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