Master of Theological Studies – Online


The online Master of Theological Studies program (M.T.S.) provides a graduate-level understanding of several theological disciplines for further graduate study or for general educational. This seminary program for online students will prepare you for theological research, writing and theology teacher training by offering a general foundation in theological studies and an opportunity to specialize in a concentrated area.

Length: 48 credit hours. Students typically complete this degree in two and a half to four years. The program must be completed within five years. Students may begin the program in August, October, January, March, May or June.
Format: Eight-week courses may be completed entirely online. It is also available on the Virginia Beach campus or through a combination of distance education and residential courses.
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Features: The M.T.S. online theology graduate degree program is available in four concentrations.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will:

Experience holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-like character and spiritual vitality.

Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, the history of Christianity and theological reflection from a Renewal perspective.

Prepare for Christ-centered leadership in the education, training and development of communities served.

Enhance their global competence for balanced understanding, practice and participation in diverse contemporary contexts of life.

Advance their proficiency in the content, theory and practice of theological scholarship.

Core Courses

Students in the M.T.S. program take 18 credit hours of "context" courses, 12 credit hours of "perspectives" courses, 15 credit hours of "concentration" courses and three credit hours associated with a summative experience.

Context Courses
UNIV LIB Library Info Research & Writing 0 credits
ENGL 500 Graduate Academic Writing 0 credits
SFRM 501 Spiritual Formation Foundations 3 credits
BIBL 504 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 credits
BOTB 500 Old Testament 3 credits
BNTB 500 New Testament 3 credits
HCHT History of Christianity (choose 1 of 4) 3 credits
THEO 500 Christian Theology 3 credits
Perspectives Courses
One Language Elective 3 credits
BIBL 506 Introduction to Biblical Languages, BNTB 540 New Testament Greek 1*, or BOTB 540 Biblical Hebrew 1*
*Note: students choosing to take BNTB 540 or BOTB 540 to fulfill their language elective should plan to take the second course in sequence (BNTB 541 New Testament Greek 2 or BOTB 541 Biblical Hebrew 2) as one of their concentration courses.
One Intercultural Elective 3 credits
ICSD 521 World Religions, ICSD 500 World Christian Perspectives, ICSD 531 Theology of Global Missions, ICSD 545 Cross-Cultural Communication, or THEO 522 Christian Ethics
Two Interdisciplinary Electives 6 credits
Courses vary by concentration
Concentration Courses 15 credits
Summative Experience 3 credits
Read course descriptions and more detailed program information in Regent's academic catalog.


Biblical Studies

Choose from an array of course offerings related to Old Testament, New Testament, biblical interpretation and biblical languages. Courses include Parables of Jesus, Synoptic Gospels, Biblical Criticism, Greek I and II, and Hebrew I and II.

Christian Theology

Focuses on the teachings of the Christian faith from biblical, historical and global perspectives in a variety of specialized topics regarding the nature of theology, methodology, particular doctrine and practices, and other relevant themes related to the Christian life.

History of Christianity

As the name suggests, students choose from a selection of course offerings related to the history of Christianity including period classes and historical studies on specialized topics. Courses vary by semester but include Early Christianity, Medieval Christianity, and Women in Christian & Pentecostal History.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students in this concentration can choose courses from the disciplines of Theology, History, Old Testament, New Testament, or Biblical Studies within the School of Divinity in order to tailor a program concentration to their individual academic and ministry interests.

Anthony Bass, M.Div. & MBA '08

Anthony Bass, M.Div. & MBA '08

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