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Virginia Beach and Surrounding Area Attractions

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Enjoy a warm, sunny day to relax, swim, shop or surf at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The beachfront also has a vibrant entertainment scene, hosting festivals and concerts year-round. Regent University is approximately 20 minutes from the oceanfront.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

The Virginia aquarium has a plethora of marine animals and interactive exhibits representing marine life from around the world. Among other animals, the aquarium houses seals, turtles, rays, sharks, otters and komodo dragons. The center also has an IMAX theater which shows both educational and full-length feature films.



Nauticus is a naval museum of the history of ocean exploration. In addition to information about the modern navy and underwater exploration, Nauticus has both underwater artifact and weaponry exhibits. The historic USS Wisconsin, launched in 1943, can also be toured at Nauticus. The maritime-themed science center is approximately 15 minutes from Regent University.


Norfolk International Airport (ORF) is a convenient 15 minutes from Regent University.


Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a reconstruction of the original colonial town of the same name – one of the oldest settlements in the United States. Visitors can enjoy guided tours led by staff who reenact life as it was in the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition to period architecture and cuisine, Colonial Williamsburg provides a wide variety of activities, programs and special events daily. The town is approximately one hour from Regent University.

Busch Gardens

Visit thrilling Busch Gardens – an amusement park with a European theme. Travel through different European "countries" while exploring roller-coasters, restaurants and shops. Beautiful park greenery provides much more shade than a typical amusement park. Busch Gardens also hosts daytime shows, nighttime concerts and festivities, and a small zoo. The park is approximately 50 minutes from Regent University.

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