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Linda J. Baum, Ph.D.

Linda J. Baum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (2012)
Assistant Professor (2008)

Areas of Interest
  • Assessment
  • MMPI
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Mental Health Advocacy

My background and training in psychology. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., and was raised by loving and supportive parents in a Roman Catholic home with my three siblings. Although I began my education with a focus on aerospace engineering, the interests I developed during my Introduction to Psychology class changed my educational path. I began volunteering at a state psychiatric hospital and transferred to the University of Pittsburgh as a psychology major. While obtaining my undergraduate degree I worked full-time at the Smoking Research Group Laboratory. I remain thankful for the mentorship and friendship I received during those five years. This prepared me for graduate school at Kent State University. I received a M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology while obtaining training in assessment and forensic psychology, under the mentorship of Yossef Ben-Porath. The opportunity to continue MMPI research with Dr. Handel and Dr. Archer, as well as the chance to return to work (in a more professional role) in a state psychiatric hospital, made Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) the perfect place to complete my psychology internship. The beautiful water surrounding the medical school and warm weather here in Virginia while I interviewed in the middle of winter didn't hurt either! I completed my education with a fellowship in forensic psychology at EVMS and have been certified as a forensic evaluator for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The criminalization of the mentally ill in this country has become a significant social problem and has made training in forensics an important area within psychology. I have found that educating the community regarding mental illness and advocating for those with mental illness have become critical parts of my role as a professional psychologist.

Future goals. I have been blessed with many gifts that have allowed me to excel in my chosen field. I feel it is important to use these gifts I have been given to serve God and His people. Therefore, I have chosen academic life for my career path. I hope to provide students of Regent University the same quality mentorship that I received. I want to help students meet their career goals as well as provide education so that all graduates can become outstanding clinicians as well as advocates for those suffering with mental illness. However, I do hope to successfully balance these career goals with a rewarding family life. In my free time you will find me at the park with my husband, dogs and son.

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