Step 11: Completing the Manuscript


  • To follow through with all the required steps that encompass the completion of the dissertation manuscript and lead to notification by the registrar that you have completed the DPCES dissertation process


  • After you successfully defend your dissertation to your committee, you will make appropriate revisions, submit the manuscript to the copy editor, and submit the final manuscript to the Regent Library following specific instructions.


Due Dates:

  • There are several "within X weeks of the dissertation defense" deadlines in the dissertation completion process; be sure to keep a calendar of the required time intervals that you need to make provision for during the process.

John's Experience:

Although he's tired at this point, John's elation at having gotten to this point propels him to push through, and he makes the requested revisions to his manuscript. He follows a calendar of due dates so he can finish the race set out before him.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Don't lose momentum at this point of the process; follow through with each step of the finalization of your manuscript so that you meet all the deadlines to graduate.
  • Don't fail to leave enough time for each step of the finalization process; keep a calendar of due dates.
  • Don't lose touch with your committee at this point of the process; they can still be of assistance as final revisions are made.
  • Don't rush through the last steps of the process; remember that your dissertation will be viewable to all through UMI, and you should present your dissertation as an undertaking of excellence dedicated to the glory of God.