You Will Complete Your Dissertation!

And we'll show you how!

The Dissertation is usually the most nerve-racking part of any Ph.D. program. Here at Regent University, we are committed to helping you complete your dissertation in a timely manner. The purpose of this site is to help walk you through every step of the process, showing you what to do and not to do while working on your dissertation. This site is meant to complement, not replace the Ph.D. Dissertation Handbook. You are expected to read and consult the handbook throughout your matriculation as a doctoral candidate.


As you move through the site, you'll follow John Walker as he, too, pursues his Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. John is a busy professional. During the day he is a high school guidance counselor at Tallview Middle School in Portland, Oregon. Because he resides in Oregon, John decided to take his courses online.

Like many doctoral students he's anxious about how he'll complete his dissertation. He's heard horror stories from colleagues in other universities who've experienced bureaucratic nightmares. Studies have shown that 40% of those who complete all their coursework never go on to finish the dissertation! So, John wonders if there isn't some truth to his colleague's complaints. What also worries John is that he's taking his courses at a distance. He realizes that he's going to be strapped to meet the rigorous demands of the dissertation when he's working full-time and caring for his wife and daughter.

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