Alumni Profiles - Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer
Human Services Counseling Program

Choir Director

"I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of others and of themselves."

Of all the music Karen Palmer has played, composed, sung and directed over the years, it was a grace note that caught her attention. As choir director for Bethel High School in Hampton, Va., Karen was not only listening to her students’ singing voices, but also to their deep-down personal ones. “We live in very stressful times,” says the magnetic Palmer. “More and more students were coming in just to talk about what was on their minds and in their hearts.”

Palmer, who keeps two pink “grandma” chairs in her office for anyone who wants to sit and chat, felt the need to better prepare herself for her role as advisor, counselor and friend to her students. “I knew I needed to go deeper.” Palmer had always planned to go back to school for her master’s in music. Then, on an impulse, she spent some time on Regent’s website and clicked on the Human Services Counseling (HSC) program. It clicked right back. “I just knew,” says Palmer. “It was so clear that this particular counseling track was right for me.” The program surprised her with its depth and focus. “I learned a great deal about myself,” she says, noting that she, too, had faced some real challenges when her son was going through a difficult adolescence. “I really have a heart for kids who struggle,” says Palmer. “My son came through it in a wonderful way, but the truth is, it’s a mine field out there for kids today.”

Palmer, who once composed and performed extensively in Belgium when her husband was stationed there, still plans to pursue her education in music. Her HSC training just adds to her overall expertise. “You know, most disciplines deal with people in one way or another,” she says. “I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of others and of themselves.”

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