Alumni Profiles - Ola Omotoso

Ola Omotoso

Ola Omotoso
Human Services Counseling Program

Minister and Real Estate Appraiser

"I know the value of excellence in education and I found it at Regent."

If life is indeed a journey, Ola Omotoso is on a remarkable ride. Born to Nigerian parents living in England, Omotoso grew up between the two countries and began his career in architecture. But he knew he was designed for something more. After a visit to the United States in the early ’90s, he realized what he’d been missing. “People talked about God openly in this country! I was so encouraged by true religious liberty.”

Omotoso moved to the D.C. area and worked in real estate. Still, he felt called to something new. In 1999, after preparing for the ministry through his church in Maryland, Omotoso was ordained. Then, the familiar pull came. “God was pursuing me,” he says. “I knew that my calling was leading me somewhere beyond the four walls of a church.” His search led him to Regent University and the Human Services Counseling (HSC) program. “Throughout my life, I’ve seen a real divide between those with much and those with little,” says Omotoso. “People need the church, but is the church there for them?” He knew that he wanted to work with those in crisis who felt excluded from the mainstream. “But first,” Omotoso says, “I had to equip myself.”

At Regent, his studies gave him practical principles, grounded in faith, that are preparing him for a new ministry in Charlotte, N.C. Omotoso appreciated the flexibility of distance learning and says the program’s academic rigor was particularly appealing. “I know the value of excellence in education, and I found it at Regent.” What’s on the horizon for Omotoso? He sees himself in mission work in developing countries, perhaps working with pastors and church leaders in Africa. “My primary concern is for people,” he says simply. “I feel drawn to help people in crisis and want to bring them back to a place where they can trust God.”

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