Applicant Recommendations

Use the links below to have the online recommendation forms emailed to your references. These recommendations may not be completed by family members. Recommendations received from family members will be rejected and the applicant will be required to submit a new recommendation request for a non-family member.

  1. Clergy Recommendation - This recommendation should be completed by someone who understands your spiritual goals and objectives, such as a pastor, priest, rabbi or other religious/moral leader.
  2. Employer/Professional Associate Recommendation - This recommendation should be completed by an employer or professional associate.
  3. Faculty Recommendation - This recommendation should be completed by a faculty member, preferably in your major field.

If, for an acceptable reason, you need to replace a recommendation of one type with one of another type, please fill out the Recommendation Replacement Request form.

Helpful Hints for Recommenders:

1. Please inform the person writing your recommendation that if they choose to compose a response in the online form they must save it prior to the passing of 30 minutes; in other words, that page will time out after 30 minutes. Recommend that they compose a response in a Word document and then cut and paste it into the online form.

2. If the person you send a recommendation invitation to reports that they have not received the e-mail, ask them to check their spam folder. If they still have not received the e-mail,

  • check the spelling of the e-mail address and
  • resend the invitation--sending multiple invitations does not affect your application.

3. Further hints if the recommender encounters problems:

  • clear browser's cache and cookies if you cannot submit the recommendation and then restart the Web browser
  • recommender may need to update to the latest version of their browser
  • recommendation forms cannot be filled out on mobile devices such as iPad or Android devices

4. Recommenders may contact the Admissions Office if they encounter further difficulty at 757.352.4498 or