Why Choose Regent University and the School of Psychology and Counseling?

Our students can summarize the answer to this question in four words: Accreditation, Faculty , Balance, and Relationships.


Why SPC? Accreditation

The only graduate program to house CACREP-accredited counseling programs and an APA-accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology within the same school, the Regent School of Psychology & Counseling is unique among graduate schools in general, and Christian graduate schools in particular. The fact that the school has successfully obtained these accreditations speaks to the quality of the programs students have access to. In addition, students and graduates of programs that carry these accreditations have opportunities for internships and jobs unavailable to their peers from schools that do not share these accreditations. Furthermore, the paths to licensure post-graduation from a program with such accreditations can be substantially easier.


Why SPC? Faculty

The heart of any program is its faculty, and the Regent School of Psychology & Counseling is no exception. A review of the qualifications of those who teach in our school will reveal life-long and continuing dedication to their respective disciplines. Our faculty bring a wealth of experience in the mental health field, among other areas, into the classroom. Their desire to train future counselors and psychologists who will make a difference in the lives of others is evident. From their prolific integration research to continued practice in their respective fields, the faculty do not merely teach, they partner with their students and future colleagues in the quest for knowledge and skills that will advance the Kingdom of God while impacting the mental health of the world.


Why SPC? Balance

As stated elsewhere on this website, Regent University is not a Bible school. While there is nothing wrong with education that is Bible-centered, the education and training provided therein comes from a decidedly and purposefully unidirectional perspective. At Regent, all of our programs provided a critical balance of biblical principles and professional standards relevant to the discipline being studied. In doing so, our programs prepare graduates to impact the world for Christ within their chosen professions. In many ways, our students add dimensions to their studies not duplicated by their peers by meeting professional standards and going further to explore issues from a Christian perspective. The result in our case is a future practitioner prepared to address the needs of their clients' mind, body and spirit.


Why SPC? Relationships

Perhaps the most important of all the reasons to consider the Regent School of Psychology & Counseling is the concept of relationship. Here, peer students become extended family; faculty become mentors, colleagues and friends; and everything you do centers on continually building a closer relationship with God. Your relationship with God is encouraged and nourished throughout your time at Regent. From the day of orientation with the dean's admonition to "make time for God" amidst term papers and tests, through devotions at the beginning of most classes, which frequently include praying for fellow students, to the Commissioning exercises immediately preceding graduation where you are prayed for individually by the faculty, thereby commissioning you to go into the world to serve God, He is a chief component of your education. As you can see, there are many reasons to consider the School of Psychology & Counseling. We hope you will discover your own reasons through this site, in consultation with our admissions staff and in prayer with God.